Reich Ministry for the Occupied Territories

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The Reich Ministry for the Occupied Territories existed in the Weimar Republic from August 24, 1923 to September 30, 1930. It should not be confused with the National Socialist Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories .


As early as December 1918, French , Belgian and British troops occupied parts of the Rhineland and adjacent areas in Hesse , Hesse-Nassau and the Palatinate . The Versailles Treaty , which came into force on January 10, 1920, established the area on the left bank of the Rhine as well as the "bridgeheads" of Cologne , Koblenz and Mainz as the Allied occupation zone . As a result of disputes over the payment of the reparations from the Versailles Treaty, French troops marched into other parts of the country, especially the Ruhr area , from January 1923 .


As early as 1920, the establishment of a ministry responsible for the administration of the occupied territories had been discussed several times and finally implemented after the formation of the Stresemann government . In order to deal with the affairs and administrative requirements of the occupied territories , the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Territories was set up by decree of the Reich President on August 27, 1923. The following areas of responsibility and commissioners of the relevant authorities of the German Reich were assigned:

  • Department R (Reich Treasury Administration of the Occupied Rhenish Territories) of the former Reich Treasury Ministry
  • Commissioner of the Reich Chancellor for the defense against the Ruhr and the Central Office Rhine-Ruhr.
  • Reich Commissioner for the Occupied Rhenish Territories
  • the Reich property administration for the occupied Rhenish territories, the Reich Compensation Office for expellees on the Rhine and Ruhr and the Rhenish people's care.

In contrast to the other Reich ministries, the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Territories was a regional ministry that administered other responsibilities in its territory.

After the Allied occupation of the Rhineland on June 30, 1930, the ministry was dissolved.

List of Reich Ministers for the Occupied Territories

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State Secretaries


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