Rhineland-Palatinate Tour 2007

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Final result after the 5th stage
winner Gerald Ciolek 19:56:59 h
(42.390 km / h)
Second Luca Celli + 0:05 min
Third Johan Coenen + 0:08 min
Fourth Corey Sweet + 0:15 min
fifth Paul Martens + 0:16 min
Sixth Bert De Waele + 0:18 min
seventh Marco Marcato + 0:21 min
Eighth Gabriel Rasch + 0:21 min
Ninth Massimiliano Maisto + 0:21 min
Tenth Richard Faltus + 0:22 min
Scoring Gerald Ciolek 20 p.
Second Johan Coenen 17 p.
Third Andreas Schillinger 15 p.
Mountain scoring Lars Wackernagel 29 p.
Second Luca Celli 12 p.
Third Jörg Ludewig 11 p.
Young talent evaluation Gerald Ciolek 19:56:59 h
Second Paul Martens + 0:16 min
Third Marco Marcato + 0:21 min
Team evaluation Team LPR 59:51:56 h
Second Skil-Shimano + 7:36 min
Third Volksbank team + 7:36 min

The 42nd Rhineland-Palatinate Tour took place from May 16-20, 2007. The bike race was held in five stages over a distance of 845.7 kilometers. It is part of the UCI Europe Tour 2007 and classified there in category 2.1. The 21-year-old Gerald Ciolek from Team T-Mobile was able to oust the previous leader Luca Celli from first place on the last stage thanks to two time credits in intermediate sprints and secured the overall victory.

Participating teams

Professional Continental Teams
Continental teams
National teams
  • Germany


stage Day Start finish km Stage winner Leader
1st stage May 16 Koblenz - Kaiserslautern 176.9 Uzbekistan Sergey Lagutin Uzbekistan Sergey Lagutin
2nd stage 17th of May Landau - Worms 145.5 Germany Steffen Radochla Uzbekistan Sergey Lagutin
3rd stage May 18 Worms - Mainz 164.7 Italy Luca Celli Italy Luca Celli
4th stage May 19th Mainz - Bad Marienberg 188.8 Germany Bjorn Glasner Italy Luca Celli
5th stage May 20th Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler - Koblenz 169.8 Switzerland Andreas Dietziker Germany Gerald Ciolek

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