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Robert Wolf Raudnitz (born August 25, 1856 in Prague ; † November 22, 1921 there ) was an Austrian pediatrician.


Attracted by the Prague anatomist Wilhelm von Henke , Raudnitz studied two semesters preclinical at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen . He completed the remainder of his studies at the local Karl Ferdinand University . He was a demonstrator for Siegmund Mayer at the new histological institute. As a student he made lifelong friendships with Heinrich Teweles , Emil Kuh and Gabriel Anton . Gottfried Ritter von Rittershain's lectures won him over to the new subject of pediatrics . 1881 Dr. med. after receiving his doctorate, he went to the (pediatric) clinic of the Landesfindelanstalt as an assistant to Alois Epstein . After almost two years, he moved to the Agricultural University in Berlin and the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich . With Nathan Zuntz and Carl von Voit , he devoted himself to large-scale experimental studies of the thermal cortex in newborns and infants . For Albert Eulenburg's Real Encyclopedia of All Medicine , he wrote an article about foundling . Trained in chemistry with Franz von Soxhlet , he went in the direction of pediatrics inaugurated by Adalbert Czerny . After returning to Prague, he qualified as a professor in paediatrics in 1887. He set up an outpatient clinic for babies at the polyclinic . A children's outpatient clinic followed in 1893. Scientifically, he dealt mainly with the chemistry of milk . In 1887 he founded the Zentralblatt für Kinderheilkunde , whose editing he gave up after a year. In 1906 he received an (unpaid) associate's post in Prague . As an erratic head of fire, he was denied a chair (Graz, Innsbruck). He opposed naturopathy and advocated vaccination . In his last years he turned to philosophy and politics. With a “strict German attitude”, he sat for a while in the Prague city council. “His pure pursuit of truth and humanity also found full recognition among national opponents.” Raudnitz was married to a daughter of Adalbert Svoboda, who had discovered Peter Rosegger . The marriage produced a daughter.

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