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Robert Spitz, 2012

Robert Spitz (born May 30, 1955 ) is a German actor , acting coach and director .

Live and act

In 1982, Marianne Rosenbaum discovered Spitz for the cinema. In her film drama Peppermint Frieden he played a supporting role as a carpenter and was involved as a production assistant. From 1985 he worked in several films by Herbert Achternbusch . He received his acting training from Thea Mertz, M. K. Lewis, Margie Haber, Rae Allen and Mark Travis, among others. Spitz had engagements at the Bavarian State Theater in Munich , Deutsche Schauspielhaus Hamburg , Münchner Kammerspiele , Schauburg-TdJ Munich and Munich Volkstheater . He worked with directors such as B. Klaus Weise , Helmut Griem and Peer Boysen together. He has appeared in various cinema and TV films, such as B. in Jo Baier's television film Die Heimkehr and Xaver Schwarzenberger's Die Verfuhrin Adele Spitzeder (2012). He was the co-author of "Delicacies and other messes", a romantic comedy for Sat 1 .

Since 1998 he has been working as an acting coach. In Munich he taught at the German Actor Academy from 1999 to 2001 and founded an acting class in 2000 . He taught at the Macromedia Academy for New Media (2002–2004), RATS Zurich and at the AChT studio in Munich (2010). From 2001 to 2002 he gave seminars for the Dansk Skuespiellerforbund in Copenhagen (2001–2002) and from 2003 for FOCAL in Zurich. In 2011 he took over the conception and management of the Acting for Film 3 project at Theater Halle 7. A year later, he offered Burn-In For Artists for professional theater and film-makers.

Spitz also works as a director. Theater directing works by him were performed at the small theater Kammerspiele Landshut and Theater Halle 7. He directed 15 short films as part of the Acting for Film 3 project.

He lives and works in Munich .

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