Red snakeskin maple

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Red snakeskin maple
Red snakeskin maple (Acer capillipes)

Red snakeskin maple ( Acer capillipes )

Eurosiden II
Order : Sapindales (Sapindales)
Family : Soap tree family (Sapindaceae)
Subfamily : Horse chestnut family (Hippocastanoideae)
Genre : Maples ( Acer )
Type : Red snakeskin maple
Scientific name
Acer capillipes

The red snake skin maple ( Acer capillipes ), also red-stemmed snake skin maple , is a tree - or large shrub - species from the genus of maples ( Acer ). These are in today family of the soap tree plants ( Sapindaceae provided), but were formerly their own family maple plants ( Aceraceae ). The red snakeskin maple is endemic to the Japanese islands of Honshu and Shikoku . In Japanese it is called Hosoe-kaede ( 細枝 楓 ) or Ashibosouri no ki ( ア シ ボ ソ ウ リ ノ キ ).


It is a tree that can grow up to 15 meters, in exceptional cases 20 to 25 meters. The treetop is broad, funnel-shaped. The bark is brown-green, from the second year on with narrow, white stripes. The shoots are shiny red, glabrous and frosted.

The leaves are three to eight inches long stalked with a red petiole. The leaf base is weakly heart-shaped. The leaf blade is eight to 15 centimeters long and seven to twelve centimeters wide, about pentagonal and three-lobed in outline, with the laterally protruding much shorter than the middle, long drawn out and pointed lobes. The leaf margin is double serrated. The upper side of the spade is dark green, the underside light green and bare. The leaf veins are reddish in color. The autumn color is bright yellow-orange.

The plants are dioecious , the flowers are yellowish to greenish yellow, eight millimeters wide, 20 to 50 in long, hanging racemes. Each flower consists of five sepals and five petals . Male flowers contain eight stamens and a rudimentary gynoeceum . Female flowers contain rudimentary stamens, the ovary may be hairy or bald. Flowering time is May.

The fruits are split fruits with wide-angled, spread wings 1.5 to two centimeters long.


The red snakeskin maple is native to Japan on Honshū and Shikoku. The locations are at altitudes of 600 to 1300 meters in deciduous forests. It prefers evenly fresh to moist, nutrient-rich soils without waterlogging, the pH value is in the acidic range.


The red snakeskin maple was described by Maximowicz in 1867 , and Charles Sprague Sargent introduced it to the Arnold Arboretum in 1892 . In the Macrantha section , this maple stands together with related species such as the David's maple , hawthorn-leaved maple , Korean snakeskin maple or the striped maple .

Red snakeskin maple, habitus
Red snakeskin maple ( A. capillipes ),
Red snakeskin maple, trunk
Red snakeskin maple ( A. capillipes ),


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