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Saxony-Eisenberg (around 1680)

Saxony-Eisenberg was an Ernestine duchy in the northeast of what is now the Free State of Thuringia . It existed from 1680 to 1707.


Bust of the only Duke of Saxony-Eisenberg in the castle park of Eisenberg

Through the inheritance agreement in 1680 under the seven sons of Duke Ernst I "the Pious" of Saxe-Gotha arose u. a. the Duchy of Saxony-Eisenberg, which the fifth son Christian was awarded.

The duchy did not receive any sovereignty. The duchy included the offices of Camburg , Roda , Ronneburg and Eisenberg with the city of Eisenberg as the residential city . In the period from 1680 to 1692 the castle was rebuilt into the baroque castle Christiansburg and the castle church was built as the most beautiful baroque church in Thuringia . The buildings, however, led to over-indebtedness in the small state, which the duke tried to reduce through alchemical experiments.

With the death of the childless Duke Christian in 1707, the duchy expired and fell to Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg .


  • 1681–1707 Christian (1653–1707), son of Ernst I of Saxe-Gotha