Border fungi

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Border fungi
Lacrymaria lacrymabunda (lacrymaria lacrymabunda)

Tear lighter Saumpilz ( Lacrymaria lacrymabunda )

Subdivision : Agaricomycotina
Class : Agaricomycetes
Subclass : Agaricomycetidae
Order : Mushroom-like (Agaricales)
Family : Kernel relatives (Psathyrellaceae)
Genre : Border fungi
Scientific name

The Saumpilze ( Lacrymaria ) are a genus of fungi from the family of Mürbling relatives .


Macroscopic features

The medium-sized fruit body has a velvety to scaly, thin-fleshed cap; there is a fiber hem on the edge. The stem, like the hat, is often velvety to scaly; he is not ringed. A pronounced cortex is often visible. The lamellas are bulged to rounded off. They are initially colored flesh brown and secrete tears. Later the leaves are mottled purple-black and not deliquescent. They have a white lamellar edge. The spore powder is umbra brown to brown-black.

Microscopic features

The spores themselves are lemon-shaped, with a warty surface and have a large germ pore. Cystidia are found on the lamellar surfaces and edges and on the surface of the stalk. The hyphae septa have buckles.

Generic delimitation

The hem fungi differ from the fibrous lumps in the eponymous hem on the edge of the hat, the piebald lamellae and the warty spores.


The border fungi live saprophytically in nutrient-rich soils. They are often found on dead wood and ruderal areas .


The border fungi consist of 14 species, 3 of which are found in Europe.

Saump fungi ( Lacrymaria ) in Europe
German name Scientific name Author quote
Alpine or gravel-loving border fungus Lacrymaria glareosa (J. Favre 1958) Watling 1979
Bleeding hem fungus Lacrymaria lacrymabunda (Bulliard 1785: Fries 1821) Patouillard 1887
Fire-colored seam fungus Lacrymaria pyrotricha (Holmskjold 1790: Fries 1832) Konrad & Maublanc 1924



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