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Schlumbergera × buckleyi

Schlumbergera × buckleyi

Nuclear eudicotyledons
Order : Clove-like (Caryophyllales)
Family : Cactus family (Cactaceae)
Subfamily : Cactoideae
Tribe : Rhipsalideae
Genre : Schlumbergera
Scientific name
Flower of a hybrid

Schlumbergera is a genus of plants from the cactus family(Cactaceae). The botanical name of the genus honors the French cactus collector and breeder Frédéric Schlumberger (1823-1893). The German common name Christmas cacti of some species refers to the usual flowering time of the plants in Central Europe.


The species of the genus Schlumbergera grow shrubby epiphytic or lithophytic with richly branched, numerous shoots . The segmented shoots are flattened, compressed and two-winged (rarely three-winged) or rotating and oblong to obovate. The areoles are located on the sides of the shoot sections and at its end, or they are arranged in a spiral over the entire surface. The thorns are bristle-like and short or absent entirely.

The flowers appearing at the tips of the shoot sections are radially symmetrical to strongly zygomorphic. Their color varies from purple to pink through red, orange, yellow to white. The clearly pronounced tube is covered with petal-like scales. The stamens, fused into a short tube, protrude from the flower tube.

The berry-like fruits are ribbed or twisting and have a persistent flower remnant. They contain egg to kidney-shaped, shiny brown to black, smooth to tiny dotted seeds of up to 1 millimeter in length and diameter.

Systematics and distribution

The genus Schlumbergera is widespread in the Mata Atlântica in southeastern Brazil in the states of Espírito Santo , Minas Gerais , Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in the coastal mountains.

The first description was published in 1858 by Charles Lemaire . The genus includes the formerly independent genera Zygocactus and Epiphyllanthus . The type species of the genus is Schlumbergera epiphylloides . The genus Schlumbergera includes the following species and hybrids:

  • Schlumbergera × buckleyi
Culture hybrid of Schlumbergera russelliana and Schlumbergera truncata
  • Schlumbergera × exotica
Culture hybrid of Schlumbergera opuntioides and Schlumbergera truncata
Cultivated hybrid of Schlumbergera orssichiana and Schlumbergera truncata

Synonyms of the genus are Epiphyllum Pfeiff. , Zygocactus K.Schum. , Epiphyllanthus A. Berger , Opuntiopsis Knebel and Zygocereus Frič .


Appendix I of the Washington Convention on Endangered Species does not contain any species of the Schlumbergera genus . In the Red List of Threatened Species of IUCN three types, however, are listed with different threat status. Schlumbergera kautskyi is classified as “ Endangered (EN) ” and Schlumbergera opuntioides as “ Near Threatened (NT) ” (less endangered). Insufficient data is available on the threat to Schlumbergera microsphaerica .



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