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Roast pork from the neck with beer sauce
Roast pork with bread dumplings and warm coleslaw
Bavarian crust roast with dark beer sauce

As roast pork (Southern German, Austrian, Swiss), or roast pork referred to fried and braised pieces of the domestic pig . Typical roasts are neck (foreleg), back (square), shoulder and ham .


Depending on the recipe, it is usually seasoned with caraway seeds , coriander , marjoram and garlic . The braising is often done together with various vegetables such as carrots , celery , parsley roots and onions . For the crust roast variant , the roast is braised in the oven until the rind is crispy.

Regional variants

Roast pork or roast pork comes in numerous regional variations. Those from Bavaria, Austria, the Czech Republic and Silesia are particularly well known.


Roast pork is one of the traditional dishes of Bavarian cuisine . The sauce typical of the Bavarian version is created by adding meat broth and dark beer . It is usually served warm with coleslaw ( white cabbage ) and bread or potato dumplings , while cold with freshly grated horseradish (horseradish) and bread. Roast pork is part of the standard range of Bavarian gastronomy, both in home-style restaurants and in inns with simple cuisine.


Roast pork, also known as “Bratl”, is a traditional Austrian Sunday and holiday dish, according to the register of traditional foods . He is from the most widely grown in Austria breeds Large White , Landrace and Pietrain as well as from traditional pig breeds as Mangalitza- or turopolje pig prepared: traditionally for the preparation of pork roast pork loin , pork shoulder , pork Schlegel, neck of pork or pork belly used.

The typical Austrian roast pork is seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and caraway seeds and fried until it has a crispy rind, and served with coleslaw or sauerkraut and bread dumplings or potato dumplings . As a rarer variant, potatoes (Austrian 'potatoes') are given as a side dish, which are cooked in the oven together with the meat.

In Austrian cuisine, a dish made from pork shoulder with beans (Austrian 'Fisolen') is called green meat .

Czech Republic


Roast pork (Czech vepřová pečeně ) with dumplings and cabbage, popularly called vepřo-knedlo-zelo (i.e. pork dumpling cabbage), is a classic of Bohemian cuisine and is considered the Czech national dish par excellence. The preparation is similar to that in Austria, but the roast is served with Bohemian dumplings .


In Silesia , roast pork is often placed in a garlic, onion, salt and pepper marinade with bay leaves for 3–4 days before it is prepared.


The main belt asteroid (350509) Vepřoknedlozelo was named after the Czech variant of the dish.


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