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Sean Cunningham (2014)

Sean Sexton Cunningham (born December 31, 1941 in New York , NY , USA ) is a director and film producer .

Live and act

Sean S. Cunningham studied drama and film at Stanford University . He initially worked as a theater director, including at New York's Lincoln Center , the Oregon Shakespeare Festival , Mineola Theater and Long Island . His first film was called Together .

In 1979 he directed the horror film Friday the 13th. This film became his most famous production and is considered one of the most popular film productions that the horror genre has released. With a budget of only $ 500,000, the film became a huge commercial hit.

The successful films A Stranger is Watching (1982) and Spring Break (1983) followed. The subsequent Cunningham works Deep Star Six and My Boyfriend's Back flopped. In 1984 he represented Wes Craven temporarily as a director on the horror film Nightmare - Murderous Dreams which was a surprise success.

Among other things, he also worked as a producer of the German TV series Reiselust , which was broadcast on ZDF in 1986 . Since the 1978 film Manny's Orphans , he has always worked with the film composer Harry Manfredini .

In 2009 he worked with Michael Bay and director Marcus Nispel on a remake of Friday the 13th .

Filmography (selection)

  • 1971: Together
  • 1978: Manny's Orphans
  • 1980: Friday the 13th
  • 1982: A Stranger Is Watching
Direction and production
  • 1974: Case of the Full Moon Murders
  • 1978: Here Come the Tigers
  • 1980: Friday the 13th (Friday The 13th)
  • 1985: The kids from Orlando ( The New Kids )
  • 1983: Stepping into the dune bed ( Spring Break )
  • 1989: Deep Star Six
  • 2001: XCU: Extreme Close Up
  • 2002: Terminal Invasion

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