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yellow: warning ; here warning of radioactive substances or ionizing radiation
green: escape sign ; here escape route / emergency exit to the right

The affixing of safety signs (according to DIN safety signs ), the safety signs , serves the prevention of accidents and health protection in particular and safety in general, especially at the workplace ( occupational health and safety ).


On the one hand, safety signs are intended to inform the viewer about

on the other hand, they should point to

Safety signs are often designed as pictograms and are therefore self-explanatory. In addition, their importance is often explained to all employees of a company or facility in written fire protection regulations and also to visitors and guests through notices.

Security codes are beyond for drawing escape and rescue plans , from fire department plans and fire brigade route maps used.



In Germany, the safety marking is regulated in the trade association regulations , and can be found in particular in DGUV information 211-041 and the DIN standard DIN 4844-1, the registration of standardized symbols in DIN 4844-2. The new symbols according to the DIN EN ISO 7010 standard are internationally and European and were adopted in the technical rule for workplaces ASR A1.3 on February 27, 2013 .

ASR A1.3 and DIN EN ISO 7010 define code letters for the various categories of safety signs:

Each standardized safety label can be identified by the code letter and a three-digit number.

Where safety signs are to be affixed is regulated in detail in the workplace ordinance and many special regulations, especially on fire protection .

Security colors and geometric shape

ASR A1.3 defines the following shapes and colors for the safety signs:

Character type meaning Color (according to ISO 3864-4) shape example
Prohibition sign Prohibition red Circle with diagonal bars No open flame;  Fire, open sources of ignition and smoking are prohibitedNo open flame; Fire, open sources of ignition and smoking are prohibited
Mandatory sign bid blue circle Use hearing protection Use hearing protection
warning sign warning yellow equilateral triangle with rounded corners Warning of explosive substances Warning of explosive substances
Escape sign safety green Square or rectangular area Collection point Collection point
Fire protection sign Fire protection red square Fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher

United States

In the USA, the ANSI Z535.3 and Z535.4 standards regulate the design of the safety signs.

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