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Sjúrður or Sigurd was Løgmaður of the Shetland Islands and perhaps the Faroe Islands around 1300 .

Together with Bishop Erlendur, he was the author of the sheep letter of 1298, a new agricultural law for the Faroe Islands. They acted on behalf of Duke Håkon Magnusson of Norway and formed a kind of "commission" - apparently bypassing the Thing of the Faroe Islands , which could prevent Sjúrður from being its chairman (Løgmaður). Nevertheless, Sjúrður is mentioned as a possible Løgmaður in the official history of the Løgting.

In the German translation of 1757 by Lucas Debes ' Færoæ & Færoa Reserata 1673 the sheep letter - and thus also Sjúrður - is documented:

"We, Haagen by the grace of God, Duke of Norway, King Magni, the crowned son, send God's greetings to all who see, read or hear this letter, and his spiritual and dearest friend, Mr. Erlender, Bishop of Faroe Islands, and Mr. Sifvort, district judges on Hittland, so that they should [...] resolve the disputes. "

More is not known about Sjúrður, and Erlendur appears as the far more important man of his time in the Faroe Islands.


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