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Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands
Coat of arms of the state government of the Faroe Islands
Coat of arms of the state government of the Faroe Islands
Løgmaður Bárður Nielsen (2019)
Acting Prime Minister
Bárður Nielsen
(since September 16, 2019)
Official seat Tinganes (red buildings)
Term of office 4 years
Creation of office approx. 1000
March 31, 1948 (autonomy)
Last choice August 31, 2019
Deputy Deputy Prime Minister
Website www.tinganes.fo
Tinganes , government peninsula in the capital Tórshavn ; State politics have been made here for over 1000 years

The Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands is called Løgmaður in Faroese (literally: "Lawman", plural Løgmenn ). He is elected every four years by Løgting , the parliament of the autonomous archipelago , and chairs the state government of the Faroe Islands .

The office has existed since around the year 1000 (with an interruption from 1816 to 1948), i.e. for over a thousand years. All laws of the Faroe Islands must be ratified by Løgmaður.


Already in the Norwegian Gulathingslov of the Viking Age there was a section called Tingfararbólkurin , the rules of procedure of the (Faroese) Things , where it was stipulated that the Løgmaður should lead the committee. After the Norwegian legal reform of 1271, this regulation was reaffirmed. However, from then on Løgmaður was no longer chosen by the Thing. The Landslóg (state law) introduced at that time was valid in the Faroe Islands until 1604. In the 17th century it was changed twice by the Danish king, without fundamentally changing anything in the function of the Løgmaður.

After the Peace of Kiel on January 14, 1814, the personal union with Norway ended and the Faroe Islands remained with Denmark. In 1816 the Løgting and the Løgmaður were abolished. His office was now filled by the Amtmaður , an official appointed by Denmark . The Løgting was reinstated in 1852 and from 1923 the Løgting official could also be elected, but the Faroe Islands retained the status of an official municipality of Denmark .

Since the Autonomy Act of 1948, the office of Løgmaður has been restored.

Area of ​​responsibility

The area of ​​responsibility of Løgmaður today includes:

  • Cabinet matters
  • Ratification of all Løgting laws
  • Constitutional matters
  • International Relations


Løgmansskrivstovan translates as “the Prime Minister's office” and can be compared to a state chancellery , that is, the head of government's administrative office.

The Løgmansskrivstova supports the Løgmaður in the fulfillment of his duties, prepares and conducts all cabinet meetings and takes care of the control of decisions. It also ensures that all laws passed by Løgting and signed by Løgmaður come into force and are implemented.

The Faroe Islands embassy councilors and attachés in the three diplomatic missions in Copenhagen at the Nordic Council , in Brussels at the EU and in London (including at the International Maritime Organization ) are among the officials of Løgmansskrivstova.

Public inquiries to the Faroese state government are usually answered by this office:

Prime Minister's Office
POBox 64
Faroe Islands

Løgmenn until 1816

Gilli was the first Løgmaður to become known. He is mentioned in the Faroese saga and in 1024 swore an oath on King Olav II. Haraldsson of Norway. His confidante Leivur Øssursson became Norwegian first feudal lord over the islands and the Faroe Islands. The next known Løgmaður appears in the sheep letter . Sjúrður (Sigurd) was Løgmaður on Shetland , but probably also on the Faroe Islands. At that time, Bishop Erlendur was the most powerful man there.

From 1524 there are complete records of all office holders.

from Løgmaður (1000-1816) Life dates
1000 Gilli ? -?
1300 Sjúrður ? -?
1350 Símun ? -?
1400 Dagfinnur Halvdanarson ? -?
1412 Haraldur Kálvsson ? -?
1450 Roald ? -?
1479 Jørundur Skógdrívsson ? -?
1524 Tórmóður Sigurðsson ? -1531
1531 Andras Guttormsson ? -?
1544 Guttormur Andrasson ? -1572
1572 Jógvan Heinason 1541-1602
1583 Ísak Guttormsson ? -?
1588 Pætur Jákupsson ? -?
1601 Tummas Símunarson ? -?
1608 Zakarias Tormóðsson ? -?
1629 Jógvan Justinusson ? -?
1654 Jógvan Poulsen ? -?
1655 Balzer Jacobsen ? -?
1662 Jógvan Poulsen ? -?
1677 Jákup Jógvansson ? -?
1679 Jóhan Hendrik Weyhe ? -?
1706 Sámal Pætursson Lamhauge 1676-1755
1752 Hans Jákupsson Debes 1722-1769
1769 Thorkild Fjeldsted ? -?
1772 Jacob Hveding ? -?
1786 Johan Michael Lund 1753-1824
1808 Jørgen Frantz Hammershaimb 1767-1820

Løgmenn since the 1948 autonomy

from Løgmaður (1948 until today) ¹ Life dates Party affiliation
1948 Andrass Samuelsen 1873-1954 Sambandsflokkurin
1950 Kristian Djurhuus 1895-1984 Sambandsflokkurin
1958 Petur Mohr Dam 1898-1968 Javnaðarflokkurin
1963 Hákun Djurhuus 1908-1987 Fólkaflokkurin
1967 Petur Mohr Dam 1898-1968 Javnaðarflokkurin
1968 Kristian Djurhuus 1895-1984 Sambandsflokkurin
1970 Atli P. Dam 1932-2005 Javnaðarflokkurin
1981 Pauli Ellefsen 1936-2012 Sambandsflokkurin
1985 Atli P. Dam 1932-2005 Javnaðarflokkurin
1989 Jógvan Sundstein 1933– Fólkaflokkurin
1991 Atli P. Dam 1932-2005 Javnaðarflokkurin
1993 Marita Petersen 1940-2001 Javnaðarflokkurin
1994 Edmund Joensen 1944– Sambandsflokkurin
1998 Beginning of Kallsberg 1947– Fólkaflokkurin
2004 Jóannes Eidesgaard 1951– Javnaðarflokkurin
2008 Kaj Leo Johannesen 1964– Sambandsflokkurin
2015 Aksel V. Johannesen 1972– Javnaðarflokkurin
2019 Bárður Nielsen 1972– Sambandsflokkurin

Web links

  • tinganes.fo website of Løgmaður (English and Faroese)