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Andrass Samuelsen (1948)

Andrass Samuelsen (born July 1, 1873 in Haldarsvík , Faroe Islands , † June 30, 1954 in Fuglafjørður ) (occasionally Andras Sámalsson ; Danish: Andreas Samuelsen ) was a Faroese politician of the unionist party Sambandsflokkurin . He was the first Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands after the autonomy in 1948 , making him the first Løgmaður of the younger ranks.


Andrass Samuelsen worked for three years as a teacher in a Sunday school in Haldórsvík, his birthplace . At the same time, as an adolescent, he had occasionally worked as a temporary clerk for Hans Christopher Müller , Sýslumaður von Streymoy . When Andrass was sixteen or seventeen years old, Müller brought him to Tórshavn , where Andrass later became an agent for Fúti ( Fútafulltrúi ). In 1910 he was appointed Sýslumaður on the island of Eysturoy , based in Fuglafjørður. Andrass stayed that way until 1946/48 when his eldest son Steingrim took over the job.

As a young person, Andrass Samuelsen also campaigned for the Faroese language and culture. He wrote poetry in his mother tongue and was also a member of the Føringafelag . In 1895 he began to work as an editor at the newspaper Føringatíðindi , the society's journal. In October of that year he took over the management of the paper from RC Effersøe, only to give it up again in December. At that time he used Andras Sámalsson , a Faroese form of his name.

Samuelsen was from 1908 to 1913 a member of the three-person Faroese school administration ( Føroya Skúlastjórn ). There he campaigned for all school lessons in the Faroe Islands to be held in Danish and not in Faroese. This regulation lasted until 1938.

Above all, he was a very politically active person. As a staunch supporter of the union with Denmark, he was one of the founders of the unionist Sambandsflokkurin in 1906. From 1906 to 1950 Samuelsen was a member of this party in the Faroese parliament, the Løgting , where he was a member of the constituency of Norðstreymoy from 1906 to 1914 and then a member of the Eysturoy constituency . From 1913 to 1915 and from 1918 to 1939 he was also a member of the Danish Folketing and from 1917 to 1918 of the House of Lords there ( Landsting ). In 1924 Andrass Samuelsen succeeded Oliver Effersøe and became chairman of Sambandsflokkurin. He stayed that way until 1948.

On May 12, 1948, after the Faroese Self-Government Act ( heimastýrislógin ) came into force at the end of March 1948, he became the first Løgmaður after the abolition of the office in 1816.


Andrass Samuelsen was the son of Katrina Malena, nee Mikkelsen and Sámal Joensen from Haldarsvík. He was the younger brother of Løgtings member Michal Samuelsen (1862-1939), known under the name Mikkjal í Vík . Andrass was married to Beata Emilia, b. Lindenskov from Tórshavn. The couple had four children together and lived in Fuglafjørður.

Andrass's eldest son was Steingrim Lindenskov Samuelsen (1903-1951), who succeeded his father as Sýslumaður in Fuglafjørður. His son Eilif Samuelsen was Løgtings MP and Minister of Education in the state government Pauli Ellefsen and in the state governments of Edmund Joensen I and II . The youngest son of Steingrim Samuelsen is the Faroese composer, guitar player and singer Stanley Samuelsen .

The second eldest son of Andrass was the longtime Løgtings MP Trygvi Samuelsen (1907–1985).

Andrass's youngest son was Georg Lindenskov Samuelsen (1910-1997), who was the editor of the party newspaper Dimmalætting for almost 50 years . His daughter Lisbeth L. Petersen (* 1939) was one of the first Faroese women to become active in politics. She was mayor of Tórshavn in the early 1990s.

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