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Vatican City Government Palace seen from the dome of St. Peter's Basilica

The Governorate of the Vatican City ( Italian : Governatorato dello Stato della Città del Vaticano ) is the state administration of the Vatican City . It consists of a commission of seven cardinals headed by a president. This is thus Prime Minister of the Vatican City. The governorate with its offices and services is subject to the Pontifical Commission for the State of the Vatican City .

Structure of the Vatican State and functioning of the Governorate

The commission meets several times a year and determines the financial and budgetary policy of the Vatican State. The governorate itself is divided into two strands, each of which is headed by a special representative. The directorates form the first strand; the second line includes the Central Offices and Services, the Vatican Observatory , Castel Gandolfo and the Bureau for Archaeological Research .


The Presidium is made up of a President, a General Secretary and a Deputy General Secretary. Presidents since 1939 were:

General Secretaries


The governorate is divided into the following directorates:

  • State Accounting Directorate (“Direzione della Ragioneria dello Stato”), it manages the general and cost center accounting of the state authorities. It also performs accounting control tasks.
  • Directorate of General Services ("Direzione dei Servizi Generali"), it consists of a customs administration , the Vatican Road and Transport Office , the Vatican Vehicle Registration Office and the so-called Floreria ("Servizio della Floreria"), which is responsible for the interior decoration and design of offices tried hard. The Vatican Heliport is also under their care .
  • Directorate of the Security and Civil Protection Services (“Direzione dei Servizi di Sicurezza e Protezione Civile”), it works closely with the Swiss Guard. Two units of the Vatican gendarmerie and a fire brigade corps belong to it .
  • The Directorate of Health and Hygiene (“Direzione di Sanità ed Igiene”), is responsible for all tasks related to public health and hygiene on the national territory. She runs a permanent medical on-call service and runs the Vatican Pharmacy (Farmacia Vaticana).
  • Directorate of the Museums (“Direzione dei Musei”), it looks after all monuments and art treasures belonging to the various collections of the Holy See.
  • Technical Services Directorate (“Direzione dei Servizi Tecnici”), which includes construction services, refuse collection and workshops for the maintenance of the building fabric
  • Telecommunications Directorate (“Direzione delle Telecomunicazioni”), maintains and operates the postal, telegraph and telephone traffic. Subordinate to it are the Post and Telegraph Office (“Servizio delle Poste e del Telegrafo”) and the telephone service (“Servizio dei Telefoni”).
  • Directorate for Economic Services ("Direzione dei Servizi Economici"), it is responsible for buying and selling food and other goods, such as gasoline and other fuels.
  • Directorate of the Pontifical Villas ("Direzione delle Ville Pontificie"), it manages the extra-territorial area in Castel Gandolfo , including the buildings, land, gardens and papal agriculture.

Central Offices

Counter of the Vatican Post Office in the Vatican Museums

The following central offices (Uffici Centrali) are subordinate to the governorate and report directly to the president:

  • Legal office ("Ufficio Giuridico"), it drafts the legal provisions and examines all legal questions.
  • Personnel Office (“Ufficio del Personale”) handles all personnel matters for employees of the governorate. It is responsible for the basic, advanced and advanced training of the staff.
  • The registry office, registration office and notary office (“Ufficio dello Stato Civile, Anagrafe e Notariato”) maintains the birth, marriage and death registers as well as the list of citizenships and residence permits. It administers the official personal documents of all employees.
  • Office of Philately and Numismatics or Vatican Post ( "Ufficio Filatelico e Numismatico") organized the production and release of coins and stamps .
  • Office for IT Systems (“Ufficio Sistemi Informativi”) oversees all IT facilities of the governorate. It also collects and processes data and information relating to the activities of the Vatican State.
  • The State Archives ("Archivio di Stato") records and archives all correspondence of the Pontifical Commission and the various administrative units.
  • Pilgrim and Tourist Office (“Ufficio Pellegrini e Turisti”), which is active on St. Peter's Square in Braccio di Carlo Magno, provides information to pilgrims and tourists in the Vatican City. It acts in collaboration with the other institutions and authorities of the Holy See for the care of pilgrims.

Governorate services

These include the Service for Safety and Health of Workers, Service for the Vatican Observatory, Administration Service for the Fund for the Health Service (Fondo Assistenza Sanitaria), Care Service for the Pension Fund (Fondo Pensioni).

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