Spellbinder - In the land of the dragon emperor

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Television series
German title Spellbinder - In the land of the dragon emperor
Original title Spellbinder 2: Land of the Dragon Lord
Country of production Australia
original language English
Year (s) 1996-1997
Film Australia
Telewizja Polska
Shanghai Film Studio
length 25 minutes
Episodes 26 in 1 season
genre Youth series , science fiction , drama
idea Mark Shirrefs
John Thomson
production Noel Price
First broadcast September 1, 1997 on Nine Network (Australia)
first broadcast
December 28, 1998 on Der Kinderkanal

Spellbinder - In the Land of the Dragon Emperor is a youth series and the sequel to Spellbinder - Caught in the Past , in which a character in adolescence involuntarily travels into a parallel universe . The series was the result of a collaboration between three countries, with the script and concept coming from Australia and the series being shot in English . Each color represents at least one universe in the action. In Australia, for example, the main character, Kathy Morgan, is at home (Kathy's world), while there is still a parallel image, in which the protagonists' lives have been different. China represents the dragon empire (Sun's world) and Poland is home - as in the previous series - the world of the Spellbinder (Ashka's world). In addition, two more threads were turned here: on the one hand the Moloch world, in which mankind was almost exterminated by constructed, intelligent war machines, on the other hand the world of immortals, in which an epidemic broke out centuries ago, which is fought by a drug However, this made people immortal and sterile, which is why only adults live there who want nothing more than their own children.

Like other series by Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson, each episode ends with a cliffhanger . The series has a fast pace, which is why the protagonists have to face a new adventure in almost every episode, which they quickly solve with skill and intelligence.

DVD release

In Germany, the series was translated into German in 1998 by the public broadcaster ZDF . As in the first season, the dubbing book was written by Fred Maire , who also directed the dialogue. In the course of 2017, two DVD boxes for the German TV version, produced by Pidax Film Media Ltd., were released for the first time. to be expelled.


Kathy Morgan is on a camping holiday with her parents and older brother Josh. When she wants to take a closer look at a bamboo boat that she discovered on a lake, she is accidentally transported from her native Australia to a parallel universe. In the process, she meets Mek, a young scientist from the Dragon Empire, who constructed this transdimensional boat and thus found a way to travel through the parallel universes. Both end up in the land of the Spellbinder, where they meet the ruthless and power-hungry villain Ashka, who now lives as a prisoner in a labor camp. Together with Gryvon, she helps Kathy and Mek escape - but only to escape their own fate. Finally the trio ends up in Mek's homeland - a world that is very similar to that of the Spellbinder in terms of its civilizational backwardness and, at the same time, highly developed technology. The dragon empire is organized by a kind of computer, the so-called "oracle", and is run by the young regent Sun, who draws his magical powers on outsiders from this very virtual source.

Kathy wants nothing more than to go back to her family, who also end up in this world a little later. However, Sun takes a friendly pleasure in her and therefore does not want to let her go. Ashka tries to seize power in the Dragon Empire by first faking Sun's death in Kathy's world and then sneaking the trust of his sister Aya, who has taken over the rule. When her misdeeds are exposed, Ashka steals the mask for the oracle, which is necessary for the control of the dragon emperor, and allies herself with the “barbarian” Sharak, who promises his starving people a new home and wants to seize them by force. After the oracle fails, the defenseless inhabitants of the country become Sharak's helpless prisoners, while Kathy and Mek, who were able to obtain the mask, begin an exciting journey through the parallel worlds of the immortals and the world of the Molochs. They only know one goal: to free the palace and the land of the dragon emperor from the violence of his intruders.


Sorted according to the order of entry.

main actor

actor Voice actor role consequences
Anthony Wong Manou Lubowski Mek 1-26
Peter O'Brien Gudo Hoegel Carl Morgan 1-26
Lauren Hewett Laura Maire Kathy Morgan 1-26
Ryan Kwanten Dominik Auer Josh Morgan 1-26
Lenore Smith Susanne von Medvey Vicky Morgan 1-26
Heather Mitchell Dagmar Dempe Ashka 1-26
Hu Xin Christine Stichler Aya 2-26
Leonard Fung Sun 3-26
Ye Mang Torsten Muenchow Sharak 3-26
Ye Xiaokeng Gobbo 3-26
Wang Ya'nan Roggar 3-26
Gui Jeilan Jasmine 4-26

supporting cast


Dragon Empire

Land of the Spellbinder
World of immortals

Moloch world

Episode overview

episode German title German initial
Original title First broadcast
1 The transdimensional boat December 28, 1998 The Trans-Dimensional Bamboo Boat September 1, 1997
2 In the Dragon Empire December 29, 1998 Ashka September 2, 1997
3 The chocolate emperor December 30, 1998 The Dragon Lord September 3, 1997
4th The barbarians December 31, 1998 Oracle September 8, 1997
5 An unequal fight January 4, 1999 Marooned in a World of Monsters September 9, 1997
6th The monster January 5, 1999 Attack of the Thirty-Meter Warrior September 10, 1997
7th The water spirit January 6, 1999 Josh, the Water Spirit September 15, 1997
8th The filmstar January 7, 1999 Sun Becomes a Star September 16, 1997
9 The entertainer January 8, 1999 Designation Day 17th September 1997
10 Dragon dance January 11, 1999 The Oracle Is Dead September 22, 1997
11 The immortals January 12, 1999 The Only Child in the World September 23, 1997
12 Kathy is adopted January 13, 1999 Girl for Sale September 24, 1997
13 Quarrel about Kathy January 14, 1999 To Live Forever September 29, 1997
14th Ashka's triumph January 15, 1999 Barbarians at the Gate September 30, 1997
15th Robots are stupid January 18, 1999 The Best-Laid Plans ... October 1, 1997
16 The Moloch January 19, 1999 Graveyard of Machines October 6, 1997
17th The destroyer January 20, 1999 The Hunter and the Haunting October 7, 1997
18th The crystal January 21, 1999 Stop the Moloch! October 8, 1997
19th The wedding dress January 22, 1999 Escape from the Palace October 13, 1997
20th Hunt for the crown jewels January 25, 1999 Kathy Meets ... Herself October 14, 1997
21st A dubious business January 26, 1999 The doublecross October 15, 1997
22nd The sports cannon January 27, 1999 On the trail October 20, 1997
23 Two masterminds are trapped January 28, 1999 The Two Joshes October 21, 1997
24 Locked up January 29, 1999 Who's who? October 22, 1997
25th Russian artists February 1, 1999 The Disappearing Act October 23, 1997
26th The wedding February 2, 1999 A wedding surprise October 24, 1997


  • Shooting began in June 1996. The first seven weeks were shot in Poland, then 13 weeks in China and finally seven weeks in Australia.
  • All the external scenes that take place in “our world” were created in Sydney, the various strands in the Dragon Emperor's Land entirely in China, the recordings in the “World of Immortals” in Nieborów Palace and the adjacent Baroque garden, the nearby Arkadia Park and in Łazienki -Park in Warsaw and in Warsaw's Old Town and the “Moloch World” in Krakow. The Wieliczka Salt Mine served as the underground backdrop of the machine world .
  • Spellbinder - In the Land of the Dragon Emperor is considered the first international co-production in which China took the place of a participating partner. The country provided 50% of the budget, while Australia and Poland only contributed 25% each.
  • The cast of the dragon emperor Sun (Leonard Fung) is actually the same age as the cast of Kathy (Lauren Hewett), who were both 15 years old at the time of filming.
  • The Moloch is an SPW (armored personnel carrier) of the Soviet design, as it was used in the Warsaw Pact , the military alliance of the Eastern Bloc at the time of the Cold War to which Poland was a member. It was used to bring the soldiers to the scene or as a command vehicle for motorized units. For the filming, several additional superstructures were added to turn it into the Moloch. The interior photos do not show the real equipment, but were recreated in the studio.

Similarities between the two series

  • In both series, a teenager from Sydney discovers a parallel universe (1: Paul, 2: Kathy)
  • The existence of these strange worlds is accidentally discovered (Paul walks through a kind of time window, Kathy explores the transdimension boat)
  • A direct witness observes the transition into the "other" world (1: Alex and Katrina, 2: Josh), whereby the adults (teachers and parents) do not believe them.
  • The travelers are initially perceived as a threat (Paul is considered to be ailing because of his clothing, Kathy is a spying confidante of the invading barbarians)
  • Both make friends with an opposite-sex person from the parallel world, who believes in their innocence and assurances that they come from another world, and supports them in their return there (1: Riana (Paul) , 2: Mek (Kathy) or Jasmine (Josh) )
  • Ashka appears in both series and tries to create chaos in order to be able to overthrow the respective country. She always secures the help of a henchman (1: Gryvon, 2: Sharak). Gryvon can also be seen in the sequel, but only as a guest role. Correon is also mentioned, whose voice can also be heard through a light eye.

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