St. Petersburg Open 2018 / Qualification

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This article shows the results of the qualifying rounds for the 2018 St. Petersburg Open . Four players qualified for the tournament in the category ATP World Tour 250 , which were determined in two rounds. A total of 16 players took part in the qualification, which took place on September 15 and 16, 2018.

Seeding list

No. player Round reached

01. ItalyItaly Lorenzo Sonego 1 round
02. BelarusBelarus Ilya Ivashka qualified
03. BelgiumBelgium Ruben Bemelmans Qualifying round
04th SerbiaSerbia Viktor Troicki 1 round
No. player Round reached
05. SpainSpain Adrián Menéndez qualified

06th FranceFrance Stéphane Robert 1 round

07th ItalyItaly Luca Vanni qualified

08th. RussiaRussia Alexei Vatutin Qualifying round

Explanation of symbols

  • r = retired
  • d = disqualification
  • where = walkover


  First round Qualifying round
1  ItalyItaly Lorenzo Sonego 6th 4th 5    
WC  RussiaRussia Roman Safiullin 3 6th 7th  
  WC  RussiaRussia Roman Safiullin 4th 4th
    7th  ItalyItaly Luca Vanni 6th 6th
 GermanyGermany Daniel Brands 4th 6th 5
7th  ItalyItaly Luca Vanni 6th 4th 7th  
2  BelarusBelarus Ilya Ivashka 2 7th 6th    
OLD  RussiaRussia Yevgeny Karlovsky 6th 6 6 4th  
  2  BelarusBelarus Ilya Ivashka 7th 7th
    WC  RussiaRussia Yevgeny Tyurnev 6 4 6 3
WC  RussiaRussia Yevgeny Tyurnev 6th 6th
6th  FranceFrance Stéphane Robert 3 4th  
3  BelgiumBelgium Ruben Bemelmans 6th 4th 7th    
PR  BelarusBelarus Jahor Herassimau 2 6th 6 4  
  3  BelgiumBelgium Ruben Bemelmans 6th 2 3
    5  SpainSpain Adrián Menéndez 4th 6th 6th
 RussiaRussia Ivan Nedelko 2 3
5  SpainSpain Adrián Menéndez 6th 6th  
4th  SerbiaSerbia Viktor Troicki 2 3    
 AustriaAustria Lucas Miedler 6th 6th  
   AustriaAustria Lucas Miedler 7th 6th
     BelarusBelarus Uladsimir Ihnazik 5 2
 BelarusBelarus Uladsimir Ihnazik 7th 6th
8th  RussiaRussia Alexei Vatutin 5 4th  

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