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The governors of Schleswig-Holstein (lat. Produx cimbricus ), or governors of Schleswig-Holstein , were the representatives of the Danish kings in the royal ruled parts of the two duchies.


Schleswig and Holstein to 1650. The governor were the Danish Krone as the administrator of royal proportion used

Since the Middle Ages, Schleswig-Holstein has been a patchwork of smaller administrative units, so-called offices, that belonged to various sovereigns. The northern duchy of Schleswig was a fiefdom of the Danish kings, while the southern duchy of Holstein was a fiefdom of the Roman-German emperors . For the Duchy of Schleswig, the so-called Jarle have always been employed as administrators, mostly members of the Danish royal family. The two duchies were interwoven over the centuries through inheritances and barter deals. The Danish royal family received - in addition to their own sovereignty over Schleswig - the ducal dignity over Holstein; the respective Danish king was thus also in personal union a duke within the German union of states.

In 1544 King Christian III awarded his brothers Johann II. and Adolf I. own dominions in Schleswig and Holstein, whereby further partial duchies were founded, Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf and Schleswig-Holstein-Hadersleben , which after the death of the childless Johann II in 1580 again added to the other two parts has been. Since 1544 Schleswig-Holstein was divided into a royal ruled part and a ducal ruled part . The independent prince-bishopric of Lübeck , until 1640 the county of Holstein-Pinneberg , the divided duchies such as Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg or Schleswig-Holstein-Plön and the Duchy of Lauenburg, which at that time did not belong to Schleswig-Holstein, played special roles .

Not to be confused with these governors is the Schleswig-Holstein governorship from 1849 to 1851. This was a government that was installed by the central power of Germany .

The governors

While the sovereigns of the ducal portion (or the Gottorf portion ) were the dukes of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf, the sovereign of the royal portion remained the respective Danish king, who appointed a so-called governor for the administration of his territories. The office of governor was the highest position within the royal portion . It was mostly given to family members or as an appreciation for special merits. The governors had extensive powers and, since 1648, had presided over the chancellors of the government and justice chancellery, which was founded in Flensburg and moved to Glückstadt in 1649 .

Governor in Schleswig-Holstein

The governors of Schleswig-Holstein included:

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