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Gerhard Rantzau (undated)

Gerhard Rantzau , also ndt. Geert , also: Gert , Herr auf Breitenburg , (* October 18, 1558 , † January 28, 1627 ) was the Danish governor in the royal part of Schleswig-Holstein from 1600 to 1627 .

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Gerhard Rantzau was the fourth son of the governor Heinrich Rantzau and traveled extensively in his youth through Europe as well as to Constantinople , Jerusalem and the Mediterranean .

After returning home, he became the commander of the Danish fortress Kronborg b. Helsingør am Sund, later to the magistrate in Flensburg and then in Hadersleben , soon after the death of his father also to the governor of the royal portion of Schleswig-Holstein. But since he was mainly endowed with martial talents, he spent most of the time as a soldier.

After he had taken part in a campaign under Prince Moritz of Orange with royal permission , King Christian IV gave him command in the so-called Kalmarischen War against Sweden (1611-1613). In the Thirty Years' War that followed, however, he could no longer be active, although in November 1626, when the imperial army was approaching, he announced to the Landtag in Rendsburg that “he didn't want to be the last, but the first, and his old gray hair Oppose the enemy ”. ( Adam Olearius , holst. Chronicle)

He died two months later, before the war broke out in Schleswig-Holstein.


His first wife was Thale Tagesdatter Thott (1550-1611). After her death he married Dorothea von Brockdorff († 1630). They had the following children:

⚭ 1635 General Wolf Heinrich von Baudissin (1579–1646)
⚭ 1650 Cai von Ahlefeldt , (* June 27, 1591 - † September 6, 1670)
  • Hedwig Margarethe Elisabeth von Rantzau (1624–1706) ⚭ 1636 Josias Rantzau
  • Øllegaard Catharine (1625–1675) ⚭ 1642 Detlev von Brockdorff (1600–1670)
  • Anna Christine (1618–1680) ⚭ 1633 Franz von Rantzau (1606–1677), master of Salzau
  • Ida (1616–1658) ⚭ 1635 Paul von Rantzau (1598–1670), Lord of Bothkamp Doberstorf


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