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Stein Rokkan (born July 4, 1921 in Vågan , Norway , † July 22, 1979 in Bergen ) was a co-founder of the social sciences department at the University of Bergen , Norway. He was appointed as a professor of sociology . Its main task was to set up the Institute of Comparative Politics .


From 1939 he studied philology with a focus on French at the University of Oslo . During the Second World War he had to interrupt his studies. He continued it in 1945 and finished it with a master's thesis on David Hume . After that he was research assistant to Arne Næss . He worked and lived in Paris from 1948 to 1950 as part of the UNESCO project Democracy . With Richard McKeon he published the study Democracy in a World of Tension, which emerged from the UNESCO project. In 1951 Rokkan returned to Norway and founded the International Social Science Bulletin , now the International Social Science Journal . The focus of his work is the development of a macro-model of the political development of Europe, which explains the diversity of European societies from their history , whereby the non-simultaneity of state building, nation building and democratization are decisive explanatory factors. The Scandinavian perspective from the periphery of the old continent opens up surprising insights into developments that are often overlooked. The findings, which were previously scattered across individual works, were reconstructed by Peter Flora and compiled into one work. The work of the cleavage theory , which Rokkan developed together with Seymour Martin Lipset , has a noticeable influence to this day .



In 1969 Rokkan was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences , and in 1976 to the National Academy of Sciences . A lecture hall is named after him on the main campus of the North University in Bodø .


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