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the skyscraper at the tunnel, Ilmenau

The tunnel is a residential area in the Thuringian city ​​of Ilmenau . It is located in the southeast of the city between the Ilm valley and the edge of the forest on Lindenberg and Floßberg. The name is derived from the mine tunnels that were located near today's residential area.

View from Sturmheide to the part of the residential area built from 1971 to 1980 with the skyscraper at the tunnel

The residential area consists of two parts: the so-called " old new buildings " in the south and the prefabricated buildings in the north. The old new buildings are four-story apartment blocks that were built in the 1950s and 1960s using a stone-on-stone construction method. The prefabricated buildings are five or six-story blocks that were erected from precast concrete between 1971 and the early 1980s. They mainly served as a residence for the employees of the VEB Werk für Technisches Glas Ilmenau and the porcelain factory , while some old new buildings initially served as accommodation for the Polish Budimex construction workers who carried out the glass combine and other large-scale construction projects in the city.

There are a total of 28 old new building blocks and 28 prefabricated building blocks on the tunnel. The 14-storey high-rise on the tunnel also exists as the only high-rise in the Ilm district . It was built in 1983 and is about 50 meters high. The main traffic artery of the residential area is Johann-Friedrich-Böttger-Straße, which also leads from Ilmenau to Oehrenstock . There are also three of the four bus stops in the residential area. Since the extension of the city bus line C via the residential area "Hüttenholz", the fourth bus stop is on Schortestrasse. In addition to the “Am Stollen” primary school and the “Geschwister Scholl” regular school, there is also a youth hostel, a kindergarten, a nursing home and a swimming pool.

Today the tunnel is one of the few prefabricated building areas in the new federal states that have been completely renovated. There was no demolition here, as the vacancy rates are low. The campus of the Technical University is also only a few hundred meters away from the tunnel. After the retirees, students are another large part of the area's population. The buildings are owned by the municipal Ilmenauer Wohnungs- und Gebäudegesellschaft mbH and the Ilmenau / Thuringia housing cooperative

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