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Dictyocha speculum

Dictyocha speculum

Classification : Creature
Domain : Eukaryotes (eukaryota)
without rank: Diaphoreticks
without rank: Sar
without rank: Stramenopile
Scientific name
Patterson , 1989, emend. Adl et al., 2005

The group of stramenopiles (stramenopiles, also Chromista or Heterokonta ) consists of eukaryotic organisms that have two differently formed flagella . The group includes mostly photosynthetic organisms , including some of the most important photosynthetically active species on earth. Most species are single-celled, but the brown algae also include highly differentiated multicellular cells.


The stramenopiles - from Latin stramen (straw) and pilus (hair) - have mobile cells (swarmers), which usually have two different flagella: a front ciliated flagellum with hair-like three-part mastigonemata in two opposite rows, and usually also a rear dragged flagella , the is usually smooth. Four microtubules attach to the kinetosome root . Because of the different flagella, one also speaks of heterocontal flagella. In some modified groups, e.g. B. the diatoms , these flagellated swarmers are no longer formed.

The mitochondria have cristae.

Most of the stramenopiles are photoautotrophic. The egg fungi have lost the ability to photosynthesize again.


The chloroplasts of the stramenopiles do not come from the endosymbiosis with cyanobacteria as in most other algae , but were obtained by secondary endosymbiosis from eukaryotes, probably red algae . This development step probably took place around 1.2 billion years ago.


The terms heterokonta and stramenopiles have been used by different authors to refer to groups of different sizes. Here the group in the sense of Adl u. a. Used in 2005.


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