Syriac alphabet

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Syriac alphabet
Font Abdschad
languages Aramaic ( Syriac , Assyrian-New Aramaic , Chaldean-New Aramaic , Turoyo ), Arabic ( Garschuni )
ancestry Egyptian hieroglyphs
 →  Protosinaitic script
  →  Phoenician alphabet
   →  Aramaic alphabet
    →  Syriac alphabet
relative Sogdian alphabet
Nabatean alphabet
particularities from right to left
Unicode block U + 0700 – U + 074F
ISO 15924 Syrc (general)
Syre (Estrangelo)
Syrj (Jacobite / Serto)
Syrn (Nestorian / East Syriac )
Syrian manuscript from Mount Sinai in Egypt, about 11th century

The Syriac script is a further development of the old Aramaic script .

Their oldest expression is the so-called Estrangelo or Estrangela. Syrian script has been used in two forms since the 5th century: the Eastern script style, also called Nestorian script, and the Western script style, also called Jacobite script or Serto.

The Syrian script was mainly used in the area of ​​Syrian Christianity and to reproduce the Syrian language , which is an East-American dialect. However, a group of Palestinian Christians who were themselves speakers of a Western Aramaic dialect also used the Syriac script. Therefore, for a long time her works were included in the Syrian text corpus.


Letter Transcription Surname Name (syr.) Numerical value Pronunciation (IPA)
Serto Estrangelo East Syrian
ܐ Syriac Serto letter 01 Olaf.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 01 Olaf.svg East Syriac letter 01 Olaf.svg ʾ olaf ܐܳܠܰܦ 1 / ⁠ ʔ ⁠ / voiceless glottal plosive
ܒ Syriac Serto letter 02 Beth.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 02 Beth.svg East Syriac letter 02 Beth.svg b beṯ ܒܶܬ݂ 2 / ⁠ b ⁠ / voiced bilabial stop
ܓ Syriac Serto letter 03 Gomal.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 03 Gomal.svg East Syriac letter 03 Gomal.svg G gomal ܓܳܡܰܠ 3 / ⁠ g ⁠ / Voiced velar plosive
ܕ Syriac Serto letter 04 Doladh.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 04 Doladh.svg East Syriac letter 04 Doladh.svg d dolaḏ ܕܳܠܰܕ݂ 4th / ⁠ d ⁠ / Voiced alveolar plosive
ܗ Syriac Serto letter 05 He.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 05 He.svg East Syriac letter 05 He.svg H hey ܗܶܐ 5 / ⁠ h ⁠ / voiceless glottal fricative
ܘ Syriac Serto letter 06 Waw.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 06 Waw.svg East Syriac letter 06 Waw.svg w waw ܘܰܐܘ 6th / ⁠ w ⁠ / labio-velar approximant
ܙ Syriac Serto letter 07 Zayn.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 07 Zayn.svg East Syriac letter 07 Zayn.svg z zayn ܙܰܝܢ 7th / ⁠ for ⁠ / Voiced alveolar fricative
ܚ Syriac Serto letter 08 Heth.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 08 Heth.svg East Syriac letter 08 Heth.svg H ḥeṯ ܚܶܬ݂ 8th / ⁠ ħ ⁠ / voiceless pharyngeal fricative
ܛ Syriac Serto letter 09 Teth.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 09 Teth.svg East Syriac letter 09 Teth.svg ṭeṯ ܛܶܬ݂ 9 / / Velarized voiceless alveolar plosive
ܝ Syriac Serto letter 10 Ywdh.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 10 Ywdh.svg East Syriac letter 10 Ywdh.svg y ywḏ ܝܘܕ݂ 10 / ⁠ j ⁠ / palatal approximant
ܟ Syriac Serto letter 11 Kof.svgSyriac Serto letter 11 Kof-initial.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 11 Kof.svgSyriac Estrangelo letter 11 Kof-initial.svg East Syriac letter 11 Kof.svgEast Syriac letter 11 Kof-initial.svg k kof ܟܳܦ 20th / ⁠ k ⁠ / voiceless velar stop
ܠ Syriac Serto letter 12 Lomad.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 12 Lomad.svg East Syriac letter 12 Lomad.svg l lomad ܠܳܡܰܕ 30th / ⁠ l ⁠ / Voiced lateral alveolar approximant
ܡ Syriac Serto letter 13 Mim.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 13 Mim.svg East Syriac letter 13 Mim.svg m mim ܡܺܝܡ 40 / ⁠ m ⁠ / Voiced bilabial nasal
ܢ Syriac Serto letter 14 Nun.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 14 Nun.svg East Syriac letter 14 Nun.svg n now ܢܽܘܢ 50 / ⁠ n ⁠ / Voiced alveolar Nasal
ܣ Syriac Serto letter 15 Semkat.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 15 Semkat.svg East Syriac letter 15 Semkat.svg s semkat ܣܶܡܟܰܬ 60 / ⁠ s ⁠ / voiceless alveolar fricative
ܥ Syriac Serto letter 16 Ce.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 16 Ce.svg East Syriac letter 16 Ce.svg ʿ ʿE ܥܶܐ 70 / ⁠ ʕ ⁠ / Voiced pharyngeal fricative
ܦ Syriac Serto letter 17 Fe.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 17 Fe.svg East Syriac letter 17 Fe.svg f fe ܦܶܐ 80 / ⁠ f ⁠ / voiceless labiodental fricative
ܨ Syriac Serto letter 18 Sode.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 18 Sode.svg East Syriac letter 18 Sode.svg ṣoḏe ܨܳܕ݂ܶܐ 90 / / Velarized voiceless alveolar fricative
ܩ Syriac Serto letter 19 Qwf.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 19 Qwf.svg East Syriac letter 19 Qwf.svg q qwf ܩܘܦ 100 / ⁠ q ⁠ / voiceless uvular plosive
ܪ Syriac Serto letter 20 Rish.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 20 Rish.svg East Syriac letter 20 Rish.svg r riš ܪܺܝܫ 200 / ⁠ r ⁠ / Voiced alveolar Vibrant
ܫ Syriac Serto letter 21 Shin.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 21 Shin.svg East Syriac letter 21 Shin.svg š šin ܫܺܝܢ 300 / ⁠ ʃ ⁠ / voiceless fricative postalveolar
ܬ Syriac Serto letter 22 Taw.svg Syriac Estrangelo letter 22 Taw.svg East Syriac letter 22 Taw.svg t taw ܬܰܐܘ 400 / ⁠ t ⁠ / voiceless alveolar plosive


Letter Transcription Surname Name (syr.)
Serto Estrangelo East Syrian
ܰ ܱ ܲ Syriac Serto vowel a Ftoho.svg Syriac Serto vowel a Ftoho alone.svg Syriac Estrangelo vowel a Ftoho.svg Syriac Estrangelo vowel a Ftoho alone.svg East Syriac vowel a Ftoho.svg East Syriac vowel a Ftoho alone.svg a ftoḥo ܦܬܳܚܳܐ
ܳ ܴ ܵ Syriac Serto vowel o Zqofo.svg Syriac Serto vowel o Zqofo alone.svg Syriac Estrangelo vowel o Zqofo.svg Syriac Estrangelo vowel o Zqofo alone.svg East Syriac vowel o Zqofo.svg East Syriac vowel o Zqofo alone.svg O zqofo ܙܩܳܦܳܐ
ܶ ܷ ܸ ܹ Syriac Serto vowel e Rboso.svg Syriac Serto vowel e Rboso alone.svg Syriac Estrangelo vowel e Rboso.svg Syriac Estrangelo vowel e Rboso alone.svg East Syriac vowel e Rboso.svg East Syriac vowel e Rboso alone.svg e rboṣo ܪܒܳܨܳܐ
ܺ ܻ ܼ Syriac Serto vowel i Hboso.svg Syriac Serto vowel i Hboso alone.svg Syriac Estrangelo vowel i Hboso.svg Syriac Estrangelo vowel i Hboso alone.svg East Syriac vowel i Hboso.svg East Syriac vowel i Hboso alone.svg i ḥboṣo ܚܒܳܨܳܐ
ܽ ܾ ܿ Syriac Serto vowel u Csoso.svg Syriac Serto vowel u Csoso alone.svg Syriac Estrangelo vowel u Csoso.svg Syriac Estrangelo vowel u Csoso alone.svg East Syriac vowel u Csoso.svg East Syriac vowel u Csoso alone.svg u so so ܥܨܳܨܳܐ

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