Voiced pharyngeal fricative

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IPA mark ʕ
IPA number 145
IPA character description vertically mirrored IPA crackling sound
Unicode U + 0295
HTML (dec.) & # 661;
Kirshenbaum H<vcd>

The voiced fricative pharyngale (one voiced in the throat educated fricative ) has the following in different languages phonetic and orthographic realizations:

  • Arabic : ع ( ʕ ain; Unicode: U + 0639)
  • Old Ethiopian , Tigrinya , Tigré and Argobba (not written): ዐ (Unicode: U + 12D0)
  • Hebrew : ע (Unicode U + 05E2; today only in Yemeni pronunciation, otherwise crackling )
  • Somali : C, c (in the Latin alphabet; since 1972)
  • Afar : Q, q (Latin alphabet)
  • Swabian : R, r (in syllable coda or in front of dental-alveolar consonants)

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Pulmonary consonants
according to IPA (2005)
bilabial labio-
dental alveolar post-
retroflex palatal velar uvular phase-
stl. sth. stl. sth. stl. sth. stl. sth. stl. sth. stl. sth. stl. sth. stl. sth. stl. sth. stl. sth. stl. sth.
Plosives p b t d ʈ ɖ c ɟ k ɡ q ɢ ʔ
Nasals m ɱ n ɳ ɲ ŋ ɴ
Vibrants ʙ r ʀ
Taps / flaps ɾ ɽ
Fricatives ɸ β f v θ ð s z ʃ ʒ ʂ ʐ ç ʝ x ɣ χ ʁ H ʕ H ɦ
lateral fricatives ɬ ɮ
Approximants ʋ ɹ ɻ j w ¹
lateral approximants l ɭ ʎ ʟ
¹ The labialised variant [ w ] was inserted here as a voiced velar approximant ( half vowel ) instead of the non-labialised variant [ ɰ ].