Teplitzer FK

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Teplitzer FK
Th teplitzer-fk.jpg
Full name Teplice Football Club 1903
place Teplitz-Schönau
Founded 1903
Dissolved circa 1940
Club colors Blue White
Stadion 1903–1910: Bramschplatz
1910–1939: Stadium on Eichwalderstrasse.
Top league 1st League
successes 4th place 1933/34

The Teplitzer FK was an Austrian and later Czechoslovakian football club of the German-speaking population of the North Bohemian spa town of Teplitz-Schönau . The TFK played in the Czechoslovak State League from 1929 to 1936, and in 1934 he took part in the Mitropacup .

Club history


In 1903, a football club was founded in the Hotel Bahnhof in the health resort of Teplitz-Schönau, which is mostly populated by German-Austrians. It was named Teplitzer FK. The city colors blue and white were chosen as the club colors. Before the club could be registered with the responsible authorities, it had to change the statutes several times, so that the blue-whites could only play their first official game in 1904. Opponents on November 27th were the team from Tetschen .

International comparisons

On June 11, 1905, the team played their first international clash, Hohenstaufen Dresden was defeated 3-0. Numerous other international games followed in the next few years, for example against 1. FC Nürnberg , VfB Leipzig or Nottingham Magdala, as well as lively traffic with the strong association clubs from Vienna such as First Vienna FC 1894 or the Vienna AC . Good results meant that the Teplitzer FK 1909 was accepted as the second Bohemian club after the DFC Prague in the first class of the ÖFV. At the international match on September 10, 1911, Jaroslav Spindler was also the first Teplitz player to be called up for the national team , and in the 2-1 win against Germany he also headed the winning goal in Dresden.

After the reorganization of Austrian football in 1911, partial associations of the ÖFV were introduced and mandatory league championships were started in these. The Teplitzer FK was a founding member of the DFVfB. The Austrian championship pro Bohemia was finally started in 1912/13, whereby the Teplitzer FK was able to place behind the DFC Prague in second place. Internationally they continued to play games against clubs from the German Empire . BFC Preussen was beaten 3-1, Bayern Munich 7-2. A frequent opponent was SV Guts Muts from nearby Dresden . In the Christmas week of 1920, the team went to Northern Germany, where they won 10-1 against KSV Holstein in Kiel . The footballers from Teplitz were also 3-1 successful at Hamburger SV .

German Bohemian master

After Teplitz became part of Czechoslovakia in 1918, the DFV remained and was incorporated into the umbrella organization ČSAF. In the seasons 1920/21 and 1921/22 the Teplitzer FK took part in the restarted league championship of the DFV and was able to decide for themselves.

South America tour

The Teplitzer FK traveled to South America in 1922 as the first Czechoslovak soccer team. Originally, the top Viennese club Amateurs (today: FK Austria Wien) was invited, but the Austrian Association forbade the trip because of the amateur status of the players. Thanks to good contacts in Vienna, the Teplitzer FK got the honor of representing European football in Argentina , Uruguay and Brazil . At the end of June 1922, the crew set out from Teplitz-Schönau, on July 5th they boarded the ocean liner Zeelandia, and at the beginning of August the Teplitzers finally arrived in Buenos Aires . There the team played a game against a city selection on August 8, which ended 1: 1. Five days later, the TFK met the Argentine national team, from which they also parted 1: 1. On August 20th there was another match against the national team, this time it was 3: 3 after 90 minutes. Three days later, the Teplitz team were on the pitch in Montevideo and were defeated by the Uruguayan national team 2-0. In September, the team finally met a selection from Santos , the last game of the tour was a 1-1 on September 20 against a city selection from Rio de Janeiro . The players were back in Teplitz-Schönau on October 19, 1922.

There is disagreement about the actual number of games. The football almanac 1900–1943 compiled by Gilbert Bringmann lists eleven games of the Teplitzer FK in South America on page 324, five more than Radovan Jelínek and Miloslav Jenšík in the atlas českého fotbalu od roku 1890 on page 100 and Lubomír Král in Historie německé kopané v Čechách , however, does not mention the game on September 20, 1922 in Rio de Janeiro. The following table shows twelve matches based on the football almanac 1900–1943 with corresponding comments.

date place opponent Result Remarks
6th of August Buenos Aires City team Buenos Aires 1: 1 Sportivo Barras
13 August Buenos Aires Argentina 1: 1
20th of August Buenos Aires City team Buenos Aires 3: 3 in the atlas českého fotbalu od roku 1890 and in Historie německé kopané v Čechách , the Argentine national team are named as opponents
August 27 Montevideo City team Montevideo 0: 2 In the atlas českého fotbalu od roku 1890 and in Historie německé kopané v Čechách , the opponents are the Uruguayan national team, and the match date is 23 August
29th August Montevideo City team Montevideo 1: 5 in the atlas českého fotbalu od roku 1890 there is no reference to this game
5th September Portenos City team Portenos 6: 3 in the atlas českého fotbalu od roku 1890 there is no reference to this game
7th of September Buenos Aires City team Buenos Aires 1: 3 in the atlas českého fotbalu od roku 1890 there is no reference to this game
September 10 Montevideo CA Peñarol 0: 1 in the Atlas českého fotbalu od roku 1890 there is no reference to this game, but there are references on the page European Clubs in Argentina and Uruguay (1914-1935) of the RSSSF and also on a fan page of Peñarol
17th of September Santos City team Santos 5: 4
September 20th Rio de Janeiro City team Rio de Janeiro 1: 1 there is no reference to this game in the football almanac 1900–1943
30. September São Paulo City team São Paulo 3: 1 in the atlas českého fotbalu od roku 1890 there is no reference to this game
October 1 São Paulo Corinthians São Paulo 3: 1 in the atlas českého fotbalu od roku 1890 there is no reference to this game

In the professional camp

When professionalism was introduced in 1925, Teplitzer FK switched to the professional camp and was divided into the 2nd division, in which three Czech clubs played alongside two other German-Bohemian clubs, Karlsbader FK and DSK Brüx , SK Čechie Praha VIII , Slavoj Žižkov and SK Kladno who won the championship. At the end of the season, the Czech clubs merged into a closed society, the DFV founded a professional league, participants were the DFC Prague , the Teplitzer FK and the Karlsbader FK, which ended the season 1926/27 in this order. Then the Karlovy Vary returned to the amateur camp, so that the two remaining professional clubs DFC and TFK only played private games in the 1927/28 season. Like all DFV associations as a whole, the Teplitzer FK also maintained a close relationship with the ÖFV and its professional clubs. Some famous Viennese footballers such as Otto Haftl and Karl Sesta could be brought to Teplitz. During this time, Haftl was even used in the Austrian national team, as he was not considered a legionnaire by the ÖFB.

NSTG Teplitz-Schönau

After the defeat of Czechoslovakia, the National Socialist gymnastics community NSTG Teplitz-Schönau was founded in 1940 , in which all Teplitz sports clubs were united.


  • Master of the DFV in 1921, 1922 and 1938
  • Mitropacup participant in 1934

International competitions

season Competition opponent First leg Return leg total
1934 Mitropapokal (round of 16) Italy Juventus Turin 2: 4 (A) 0: 1 (H) 2: 5

Known players


season league space DFV division
1918/19 Erz- und Mittelgebirgsgau DFV 1st place Top division
1919/20 League championship DFV, western group 2nd place Top division
1920/21 League championship DFV, western group 1st place Top division
1921/22 League championship DFV, western group 1st place Top division
1922/23 League championship DFV, western group 2nd place Top division
1923/24 League championship DFV, Northwest Gau 1st place Top division
1924/25 - 1

1 Introduction of professionalism, season canceled

After introducing professionalism:

season league space Division
1925/26 2. Asociační liga 2nd place Second highest division
1926/27 Professional league DFV 2nd place Top division
1927/28 - 1
1928/29 Qualification for the 1st Asociační liga 1st place
1929/30 1. Asociační league 5th place Top division
1930/31 1. Asociační league 7th place Top division
1931/32 1. Asociační league 6th place Top division
1932/33 1. Asociační league 8th place Top division
1933/34 1. Asociační league 4th Place Top division
1934/35 State League 8th place Top division
1935/36 State League 12th place Top division
1936/37 Championship DFV, Group Bohemia 2nd place Top division
1937/38 Championship DFV, Group Bohemia 1st place Top division
1938/39 - 2nd

1 Since only the DFC Prague had a professional team besides the Teplitzer FK, there was no DFV championship this season

2 Championship no longer played to the end after the Munich Agreement came into force

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Individual evidence

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