The Contact

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German title The Contact
Original title Jeobsok ( 접속 )
Country of production South Korea
original language Korean
Publishing year 1997
length approx. 105 minutes
Director Chang Yoon-hyun
script Chang Yoon-hyun
Cho Myung-joo
music John Bisharat
camera Kim Sung-bok
cut Park Gok-ji

The Contact (alternatively , the contact ) is a South Korean film from the year 1997 of hyun Yoon Chang .


After his girlfriend broke up with him, the radio host Dong-hyun lives in seclusion. When his ex-girlfriend sends him a record in the mail , painful memories break open in him and he plays the record on his radio show. Soo-hyun, who works as a telephone operator for a home shopping channel, is also unhappily in love with someone who is out of reach for her. She often drives her car through the streets at night when she feels lonely. When she barely escapes a serious car accident one evening, she is listening to Dong-hyun's piece of music on the radio (a ballad by Velvet Underground ). Believing in a coincidence of events, she emailed the radio station to inquire about the record. Dong-hyun replies believing that his ex-girlfriend is trying to get in touch with him. From this circumstance, a friendship develops between the two over the Internet . In the course of the film, the paths of the two protagonists cross repeatedly in real life, but they do not recognize each other or miss each other. Until the last scene in the film, the question remains whether their friendship must remain virtual or whether it could endure in real life.

the atmosphere

The film is carried by an atmosphere of solitude, which is reinforced by various elements, e.g. B. the anonymous city ​​of Seoul as the setting, the music (Velvet Underground: Pale Blue Eyes) or the professions of the protagonists Dong-hyun and Soo-hyun. Neither the radio host nor the operator ever see their customers (or listeners) directly. Friendship on the Internet is also anonymous and faceless. The new medium Internet thus on the one hand strengthens the predominant anonymity, on the other hand it becomes a means of making contacts and breaking out of loneliness.


The Contact is the winner of numerous awards Mainstream - debut of the Korean Independent -Regisseurs Chang Yoon-hyun. The film came out when the Internet boom hit South Korea in 1997. As one of the first films to take up this topic internationally ( Em @ il für Dich , USA, 1998), it was also an authentic mirror of the zeitgeist that prevailed from the mid to late 1990s . Both expectations and fears that were linked to the new medium were projected into the relationship between the two main actors. In 2001, the remake Frau2 sucht HappyEnd, produced in Germany under the direction of Edward Berger , with Ben Becker and Isabella Parkinson in the leading roles and singer Sabrina Setlur in a supporting role was shown in German cinemas . However, the film did not become a huge commercial success.

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