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Tile Kolup († July 7, 1285 in Wetzlar ), also known as Dietrich Holzschuh , was an impostor who pretended to be Emperor Friedrich II , who died in 1250 .

Life path

Tile Kolup took advantage of the popular belief in the return of the emperor and first raised the claim in Cologne in 1284 that he was in reality rex Fridericus . Here, however, he was exposed to the mockery of the people, dipped into a sewer and chased out of the city.

The fraudster, who issued his own documents with a forged seal of Frederick II, found strong support in Neuss - well over a year - and held court there, although the origin of the necessary funds is unclear. He received lords and legates, bishops and princes, issued documents and confirmed privileges (for example the abbess to eat). The rightful King Rudolf von Habsburg , to whose opponent Kolup cleverly joined, besieged this city in vain.

When the unrest got worse, Tile Kolup evaded to Wetzlar in the summer of 1285 . When King Rudolf and the Archbishop of Cologne marched with their armies before Wetzlar, the Wetzlarer Tile Kolup handed over to the rightful king. He had him burned as a heretic on July 7, 1285 .


The criticism of Rudolf's sober, pragmatic method of government and his demands for money in the cities (especially in Rhineland, Hesse, Alsace, Wetterau, Switzerland) found a drastic expression in Tile Kolup's temporary success. After this experience, Rudolf von Habsburg treated the cities differently and in 1290 called their representatives to Nuremberg, where he discussed the imperial finances with them.

Literary treatments

Modern depiction by Tile Kolup



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