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James I of Sicily
James I becomes King of Sicily .
1285 in other calendars
Armenian calendar 733/734 (turn of the year July)
Ethiopian calendar 1277/78
Buddhist calendar 1828/29 (southern Buddhism); 1827/28 (alternative calculation according to Buddhas Parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 66th (67th) cycle

Year of the Wood Rooster乙酉 ( at the beginning of the year Wood Monkey 甲申)

Chula Sakarat (Siam, Myanmar) / Dai calendar (Vietnam) 647/648 (turn of the year April)
Iranian calendar 663/664
Islamic calendar 683/684 (turn of the year March 8/9)
Jewish calendar 5045/46 (August 31 / September 1)
Coptic calendar 1001/02
Malayalam calendar 460/461
Seleucid era Babylon: 1595/96 (turn of the year April)

Syria: 1596/97 (turn of the year October)

Spanish era 1323
Vikram Sambat (Nepalese Calendar) 1341/42 (turn of the year April)


Politics and world events

Aragonese Crusade

The Aragonese Crusade of the French King Philip III, which began in the previous year . against Peter III. von Aragón is under a bad star: His supporters Charles of Anjou and Pope Martin IV die on January 7th and March 28th, respectively . Martin's successor Honorius IV also supports him, and despite bitter resistance from the population, he succeeds in conquering the city of Girona and having his son Charles I crowned King of Aragón, but he is ridiculed for lack of one Crown must be done with a cardinal's hat. At the same time, that of Peter III. General Ruggiero di Lauria called to help destroying the French fleet. Further defeats on land followed. The French army, cut off from supplies, had to retreat to Perpignan , where the dysentery broke out in the camp and Philipp died on October 5th . His nephew Philip IV , the handsome, son of Louis IX. , becomes King of France as his successor and negotiates the withdrawal over the Pyrenees with Peter.

But also Peter III. only survived the fighting briefly. He dies on November 11th in Vilafranca del Penedès . His successor as King of Aragon, Count of Barcelona and King of Valencia is his elder son Alfonso III. while his younger son James I takes over the crown of the Kingdom of Sicily .

Other events in Europe

First documentary mentions


  • In Nuremberg for the first time, a "Mezzerer" (cultellator) ( Cutler called) Henricus Mern villages.

science and technology


Religion and science

Pope Honorius IV
  • April 2 : Giacomo Savelli is elected Pope by the conclave to succeed Martin IV, who died in Perugia on March 28, and takes the name Honorius IV . The new Pope, paralyzed in his hands and feet due to gout , is continuing the pro-France policies of his predecessor.

nature and environment

  • Germany: Winter is very warm and has a lot of rainfall


Date of birth saved

Exact date of birth unknown

Born around 1285


Date of death secured

Reclining figure of Charles of Anjou in the Abbey of Saint-Denis
Philip III grave in Saint-Denis

Exact date of death unknown

  • June: Otto III. , Count of Weimar-Orlamünde (* 1244 )
  • before November 14th: Humbert II , lord of Montpensier and Connétable of France

Died around 1285

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