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Amadeus V.

Amadeus V of Savoy , called the Great (* 1252 or 1253 ; † October 16, 1323 in Avignon ), was Count of Savoy from 1285 to 1323. He was the youngest son of Thomas II.


Amadeus V married Sibylle von Bâgé (also called Sibylle von Baugé ) on July 5, 1272 . From her he received the Bresse landscape north of Lyon between the Saône and Ain rivers .

Amadeus V's first political act as Count of Savoy was to contain the ambitions of his brother Ludwig and those of his nephew Philip . For this he handed over significant parts of the Savoyard sphere of influence to their administration: Ludwig received the Vaud , Philip the Piedmontese cities Turin and Pinerolo as well as the plain between the rivers Po and Dora Riparia .

Amadeus V secured the territories of the Counts of Geneva by signing a treaty with the Bishop of Geneva on October 1, 1285, and having himself declared protector of Geneva. In the Treaty of Annemasse of 1287, the Count of Geneva and the Dauphin of Viennois recognized the sovereignty of Savoy. In 1301 Amadeus negotiated with Bishop Boniface of Challant of Sion to end the disputes with the Valais .

Amadeus openly supported the towns in western Switzerland that were resisting the Roman-German King Rudolf von Habsburg . He joined the King of France Philip IV and received the county of Maulévrier in Normandy in 1304 after a successful campaign in Flanders (→ Battle of Mons-en-Pévèle ) . Seventeen Knights Templar were interrogated in 1309 in his Paris city palace, the Hôtel du comte de Savoie on Porte Saint-Marcel (at the southern end of today's Rue Descartes ).

Since Savoy was part of the Roman-German Empire, after the death of King Albrecht I of Habsburg in 1308 , Amadeus approached the new king and later Emperor Henry VII of Luxembourg , with whom Amadeus was related by marriage. Amadeus sided with Henry against the policy of the French King Philip IV, who had Lyon occupied in 1310. Because of the power-political conditions, Savoy lost its influence on Lyon and gave up the expansion to the west towards France.

Amadeus V accompanied Emperor Henry VII to Italy (Rome move from October 1310 to August 1313, see also Emperor Heinrichs Romfahrt ) and in 1313 received the title of imperial count and rule over the fiefs of Asti and Ivrea .


The marriage with Sibylle von Baugé in 1272 resulted in five children:

After Sibylle's death, Amadeus V married Marie von Brabant in 1297. With her he had four daughters:


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