Tischberg (Waldviertel)

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height 1063  m above sea level A.
location Waldviertel , Lower Austria
Mountains Gratzener Bergland (Freiwald)
Dominance 5.2 km →  Kamenec
Coordinates 48 ° 36 '28 "  N , 14 ° 43' 54"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 36 '28 "  N , 14 ° 43' 54"  E
Tischberg (Waldviertel) (Lower Austria)
Tischberg (Waldviertel)
particularities European main watershed

The Tischberg is 1063  m above sea level. A. the highest elevation in the Waldviertel and one of the highest mountains in the Freiwald , the Austrian part of the Gratzener Bergland.

Location and landscape

The Tischberg is located in the wooded main ridge of the Gratzener Bergland in north-western Lower Austria , about 1 km from the Czech border, not far from the border triangle between Bohemia , Lower and Upper Austria .

The main peak of the Tischberg is located 2 kilometers northwest of Karlstift ( Gmünd district ) and 3 km east of Pohoří na Šumavě ( Český Krumlov district ), around the end of which the border runs in a semicircle. The ridge runs very winding here and has numerous peaks around 1000 meters. It runs south to Eichelberg  ( 1054  m above sea level ) with the Lainsitz origin, then east to the saddle from Stadlberg and - only 1 km away - to Sepplberg  ( 1004  m above sea level ), the triangle with Höllaubach and Grenzbach that drain south to the Waldaist . Then follows the border mountain Kamenec (Steinberg),  1070  m above sea level. A. and to the north the Black Wall  ( 1071  m above sea level ). It is morphologically separated from the Tischberg, only 4 km away, by two parallel valleys running north: while the Lainsitz, which rises on the southern slope of the Tischberg, flows around the mountain in a semicircle and then turns to the northeast, the Pohořský potok drains from the Sepplberg northeast to the Maltsch . In a northerly direction the main ridge continues over the secondary peak of the Ahornstein  ( 1060  m above sea level ) and - interrupted by the semicircle of the Lainsitz - in the well-known vantage point of the Nebelstein  ( 1015  m above sea level ). To the west, the Tischberg is bounded by the valley of the Einsiedelbach , which goes from Karlstift to Lainsitz.

The watershed between the Elbe (Malsche, Lainsitz) and the Danube (Waldaist), the European main watershed , leaves the Gratzener main ridge on Eichelberg and leads eastwards over the Karlstift saddle. The Austrian-Czech border runs along the west foot of the Lainsitz.


The areas west belonged to the Bohemian court district Gratzen which, although largely German-speaking, after the fall of the Habsburg monarchy to Czechoslovakia came. Between around 1950 and 1989, the state border was in the restricted area of ​​the Iron Curtain and it was not allowed to enter.

Today the north-south long-distance hiking trail  (05), part of the European long-distance hiking trail E6 , and together the Nordwaldkammweg  (105), which represents the historical Austrian-Bohemian border, runs here. It passes the Tischberg in the Einsiedelbachtal.