Tour de France 2004/2. stage

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Stand after the 2nd stage
Stage winner Robbie McEwen 4:18:39 h
Second Thor Hushovd + 0:00 min
Third Jean-Patrick Nazon + 0:00 min
Yellow jersey Thor Hushovd 9:05:42 h
Second Fabian Cancellara + 0:08 min
Third Robbie McEwen + 0:17 min
Green jersey Thor Hushovd 68 P.
Second Robbie McEwen 65 p.
Third Jaan Kirsipuu 55 p.
Dotted jersey Paolo Bettini 16 p.
Second Janek Tombak 14 P.
Third Jens Voigt 4 p.
White jersey Fabian Cancellara 9:05:50 h
Second Bernhard Eisel + 0:26 min
Third Tom Boonen + 0:27 min

The second stage of the Tour de France 2004 took place largely in Belgium with a detour to France . The start was in Charleroi and the finish line after 197 km was in Namur, Belgium . Like the first stage, the second was a flat stage with three intermediate sprints and two mountains of the 4th category. Because of the strong tail wind, the stage ran on the fastest calculated cut. In the first mountain classification, the wearer of the dotted jersey , Paolo Bettini from Italy, attacked . He was able to secure the first mountain prize. After this mountain classification, six drivers were able to pull away, including the German Lang from the Gerolsteiner team and the Dane Piil from the CSC team .

After a few kilometers, three drivers, including the Rabobank driver Karsten Kroon, tried to make friends. Sebastian Lang , who belonged to the first group of leaders, rode in the virtual yellow jersey at times, as he was only 31 seconds behind overall leader Fabian Cancellara . The lead was temporarily a maximum of 4:50 minutes, but it fell continuously. The intermediate sprints were almost meaningless, as the opponents for the yellow jersey and the green jersey were in the back of the field. About 40 kilometers from the finish there was a fall, which was the victim of Mario Cipollini's rider Gian Matteo Fagnini . He had to finish the race.

Finally, 22 kilometers from the finish, the leading group merged with the field. Then there was an attack by an Alessio driver, which was quickly thwarted. Thereupon the field increased the pace so that there is no more attempt to break away. In the mass sprint, Australian Robbie McEwen prevailed ahead of Thor Hushovd and Nazon. So the Norwegian was able to put on Fabian Cancellara's yellow jersey. The favorites Alessandro Petacchi and Zabel had no chance, like yesterday. The sprint was overshadowed by two riders falling over the last 500 meters.

Intermediate sprints

Intermediate sprint 1 in Mons (53 km)

First Christophe Edaleine 6 p. And 6 p
Second Mark Scanlon, 4 P. and 4 P.
Third Jérôme Pineau, 2 p. And 2 p

Intermediate sprint 2 in Beaumont (128 km)

First Christophe Edaleine 6 p. And 6 p
Second Jakob Piil, 4 p. And 4 s
Third Jérôme Pineau, 2 p. And 2 p

Intermediate sprint 3 in Florennes (159 km)

First Jérôme Pineau 6 p. And 6 p
Second Jakob Piil, 4 p. And 4 s
Third Mark Scanlon 2 P. and 2 s

Mountain prices

Mountain Prize 1

Côte de l'M de Bomerée, category 4
First Paulo Bettini , 3 points
Second Janek Tombak, 2 points
Third Jimmy Casper, 1 point

Mountain price 2

Côte de Silenrieux, category 4
First Jérôme Pineau , 3 points
Second Jakob Piil, 2 points
Third Christophe Mengin, 1 point