Tour de France 2004 / field of drivers

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The following riders and teams took part in the 2004 Tour de France :

The German, Austrian and Swiss drivers are marked in bold .


  • Suspension: Exclusion by own team before the start of the race
  • Exclusion: Exclusion by the race management before the start of the race
  • Disqualification: Exclusion by the race management after the start of the race
  • winner: Stage winner
  • Yellow jersey: Yellow jersey for the overall leader
  • Green jersey: Green jersey for the best in points
  • Dotted jersey: Dotted jersey for the best mountain rider
  • White jersey: White jersey for the best young driver under 25 years of age
  • Most combative driver: Red number for the most combative driver of the previous day
  • Team ranking: Yellow number on the back of the leading team in the team classification

US Postal - Berry Floor (USA)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
1 Lance Armstrong United StatesUnited States United States winner: 13 , 15 , 16 , 17 & 19th stage , Yellow jersey: 5th , 16th - 20th stage , winning the championship (disallowed placement and stage wins)
2 José Azevedo PortugalPortugal Portugal Fifth overall
3 Manuel Beltran SpainSpain Spain 46th overall
4th Vyacheslav Yekimov RussiaRussia Russia 80th overall
5 George Hincapie United StatesUnited States United States 33rd overall
6th Floyd Landis United StatesUnited States United States 23rd overall
7th Benjamin Noval SpainSpain Spain 66th overall
8th Pavel Padrnos Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic 79th overall
9 José Luis Rubiera SpainSpain Spain 19th overall
winner: Stage 4 , Team ranking: 1st - 5th stage

T-Mobile Team (GER)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
11 Jan Ullrich GermanyGermany Germany Fourth overall
12 Rolf Aldag GermanyGermany Germany 69th overall
13 Santiago Botero ColombiaColombia Colombia 75th overall
14th Giuseppe Guerini ItalyItaly Italy 25th overall
15th Sergei Ivanov RussiaRussia Russia 57th overall
16 Matthias Kessler GermanyGermany Germany White jersey: 5th stage , abandoned after 10th stage because of a fall: broken rib, bruise in the lungs
17th Andreas Klöden GermanyGermany Germany Second overall
18th Daniele Nardello ItalyItaly Italy 48th overall
19th Erik Zabel GermanyGermany Germany 59th overall
Team ranking: 15th , 17th - 20th stage , winner of the team classification

Phonak Cycling Team (SUI)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
21st Tyler Hamilton United StatesUnited States United States Retired during the 13th stage due to back problems
22nd Martin Elmiger SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 108th overall
23 Santos González SpainSpain Spain 31st overall
24 Bert Grabsch GermanyGermany Germany 81st overall
25th José Enrique Gutierrez SpainSpain Spain 28th overall
26th Nicolas Jalabert FranceFrance France Most combative driver: 15th stage , 82nd overall
27 Óscar Pereiro SpainSpain Spain Tenth overall
28 Santiago Perez SpainSpain Spain 49th overall
29 Oscar Seville SpainSpain Spain 24th overall

Euskaltel-Euskadi (ESP)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
31 Iban Mayo SpainSpain Spain Task: not started after the second day of rest for the 15th stage
32 Iker Camaño SpainSpain Spain 26th overall
33 David Etxebarria SpainSpain Spain 77th overall
34 Unai Etxebarria Venezuela 1954Venezuela Venezuela 91st overall
35 Iker Flores SpainSpain Spain 60th overall
36 Iñigo Landaluze SpainSpain Spain Most combative driver: 10th stage , 52nd overall
37 Egoi Martínez SpainSpain Spain 41st overall
38 Haimar Zubeldia SpainSpain Spain Task during the 13th stage
Gorka González SpainSpain Spain Exclusion due to high blood values, suspected doping

Fassa Bortolo (ITA)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
41 Alessandro Petacchi ItalyItaly Italy Abandoned after the 5th stage because of a fall
42 Marzio Bruseghin ItalyItaly Italy 68th overall
43 Fabian Cancellara SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland winner: Prologue , Yellow jersey: 1st & 2nd stage , Green jersey: Stage 1 , White jersey: 1st - 4th stage , 109th overall
44 Juan Antonio Flecha SpainSpain Spain 93rd overall
45 Aitor González Jiménez SpainSpain Spain winner: 14th stage , 45th overall
46 Kim churches LuxembourgLuxembourg Luxembourg 63rd overall
47 Filippo Pozzato ItalyItaly Italy winner: 7th stage , 116th overall
48 Matteo Tosatto ItalyItaly Italy 110th overall
49 Marco Velo ItalyItaly Italy Surrendered due to a fall during the 3rd stage

Crédit Agricole (FRA)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
51 Christophe Moreau FranceFrance France 12th overall
52 Alexander Bocharov RussiaRussia Russia 36th overall
53 Julian Dean New ZealandNew Zealand New Zealand 127th overall
54 Pierrick Fédrigo FranceFrance France 76th overall
55 Patrice Halgand FranceFrance France 39th overall
56 Sébastien Hinault FranceFrance France Task because of a fall during the 10th stage : fracture of a vertebra
57 Thor Hushovd NorwayNorway Norway winner: Stage 8 , Yellow jersey: Stage 3 , Green jersey: 2nd & 3rd stage , 104th overall
58 Sébastien Joly FranceFrance France 146th overall
59 Benoît Salmon FranceFrance France 73rd overall

Team CSC (DEN)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
61 Ivan Basso ItalyItaly Italy winner: 12th stage , third overall
62 Kurt Asle Arvesen DenmarkDenmark Denmark 123rd overall
63 Michele Bartoli ItalyItaly Italy Task during the 17th stage
64 Bobby Julich United StatesUnited States United States 40th overall
65 Andrea Peron ItalyItaly Italy 64th overall
66 Jacob Piil DenmarkDenmark Denmark Most combative driver: 3rd & 9th stage , task: not started for the 15th stage
67 Carlos Sastre SpainSpain Spain Eighth overall
68 Nicki Sørensen DenmarkDenmark Denmark 88th overall
69 Jens Voigt GermanyGermany Germany Dotted jersey: Stage 2 , Most combative driver: 2nd & 4th stage , 35th overall
Team ranking: 6th - 14th , 16th stage

Illes Balears-Banesto (ESP)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
71 Francisco Mancebo SpainSpain Spain Sixth overall
72 Daniel Becke GermanyGermany Germany Task during the 17th stage
73 Vicente García Acosta SpainSpain Spain Most combative driver: 19th stage , 86th overall
74 José Iván Gutiérrez SpainSpain Spain 51st overall
75 Vladimir Karpez RussiaRussia Russia White jersey: 19th & 20th stage , winner of the junior ranking, 13th overall
76 Denis Menshov RussiaRussia Russia Task during the 13th stage
77 Aitor Osa SpainSpain Spain 50th overall
78 Mikel Pradera Rodriguez SpainSpain Spain Task during the 12th stage
79 Xabier Zandio SpainSpain Spain 97th overall

Gerolsteiner (GER)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
81 Georg Totschnig AustriaAustria Austria Seventh overall
82 René Haselbacher AustriaAustria Austria Resignation after 6th stage because of a fall: double fracture of 3 ribs, nasal bone fracture
83 Danilo Hondo GermanyGermany Germany 106th overall
84 Sebastian Lang GermanyGermany Germany 78th overall
85 Sven Montgomery SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland Retirement due to a fall during the 7th stage : broken collarbone
86 Uwe Peschel GermanyGermany Germany 125th overall
87 Ronny Scholz GermanyGermany Germany 53rd overall
88 Fabian Wegmann GermanyGermany Germany Task during the 13th stage
89 Peter Wrolich AustriaAustria Austria 113th overall

Cofidis - Le Crédit par Téléphone (FRA)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
91 Stuart O'Grady AustraliaAustralia Australia winner: Stage 5 , Green jersey: 7th & 8th stage , 61 overall
92 Frédéric Bessy FranceFrance France Resignation due to a fall after the 2nd stage
93 Jimmy Casper FranceFrance France 147th and last in the overall ranking
94 Christophe Edaleine FranceFrance France 141st overall
95 Jimmy Engoulvent FranceFrance France Most combative driver: 7th stage , 138th overall
96 Dmitri Fofonov KazakhstanKazakhstan Kazakhstan 87th overall
97 David Moncoutié FranceFrance France winner: 11th stage , Most combative driver: 12th stage , 34th overall
98 Janek Tombak EstoniaEstonia Estonia Task during the 17th stage
99 Peter Farazijn BelgiumBelgium Belgium 107th overall

Quick Step - Davitamon (BEL)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
101 Richard virusesque FranceFrance France winner: Stage 10 Dotted jersey : 11th - 20th stage , Most combative driver: 11th stage , winning the mountain classification , winner in the ranking of the combative rider , 15th overall
102 Paolo Bettini ItalyItaly Italy Dotted jersey: 3rd - 10th stage , 58th overall
103 Tom Boonen BelgiumBelgium Belgium winner: 6th & 20th stage , 120th overall
104 Davide Bramati ItalyItaly Italy Disqualification: Time limit exceeded on the 16th stage
105 Laurent Dufaux SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 67th overall
106 Servais Knaven NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 142nd overall
107 Juan Miguel Mercado SpainSpain Spain winner: 18th stage , 37th overall
108 Michael Rogers AustraliaAustralia Australia 22nd overall
109 Stefano Zanini ItalyItaly Italy 126th overall

Liberty Seguros (ESP)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
111 Roberto Heras SpainSpain Spain Task: not started for the 17th stage
112 Dariusz Baranowski PolandPoland Poland 94th overall
113 Allan Davis AustraliaAustralia Australia 98th overall
114 Igor González de Galdeano SpainSpain Spain 44th overall
115 Jan Hruška Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic 117th overall
116 Isidro Nozal SpainSpain Spain 73rd overall
117 Marcos Serrano SpainSpain Spain 54th overall
118 Christian Vande Velde United StatesUnited States United States 56th overall
119 Ángel Vicioso SpainSpain Spain Task during the 10th stage

Brioches La Boulangère (FRA)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
121 Sylvain Chavanel FranceFrance France 30th overall
122 Walter Bénéteau FranceFrance France 102nd overall
123 Anthony Charteau FranceFrance France 103rd overall
124 Maryan Hary FranceFrance France Disqualification: Time limit exceeded on the 5th stage
125 Laurent Lefèvre FranceFrance France Task: not started for the 17th stage
126 Jérôme Pineau FranceFrance France 27th overall
127 Franck Renier FranceFrance France 114th overall
128 Didier Rous FranceFrance France Task during the 17th stage
129 Thomas Voeckler FranceFrance France Yellow jersey: 6th - 15th stage , White jersey: 6th - 18th stage , 18th overall

Alessio - Bianchi (ITA)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
131 Magnus Backstedt SwedenSweden Sweden Task during the 11th stage
132 Fabio Baldato ItalyItaly Italy 135th overall
133 Alessandro Bertolini ItalyItaly Italy Task: not started for the 17th stage
134 Pietro Caucchioli ItalyItaly Italy 11th overall
135 Martin Hvastija SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia Exclusion due to ongoing doping process on the day of rest after the 8th stage
136 Marcus Ljungqvist SwedenSweden Sweden 132nd overall
137 Claus Michael Møller DenmarkDenmark Denmark 70th overall
138 Andrea Noè ItalyItaly Italy 99th overall
139 Scott Sunderland AustraliaAustralia Australia 96th overall

Ag2r Prévoyance (FRA)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
141 Laurent Brochard FranceFrance France 29th overall
142 Mikel Astarloza SpainSpain Spain 62nd overall
143 Samuel Dumoulin FranceFrance France Abandonment after stage 8th stage due to fall: dog ran into bike
144 Stéphane Goubert FranceFrance France 20th overall
145 Jaan Kirsipuu EstoniaEstonia Estonia winner: 1st stage , task during the 9th stage
146 Yuri Krivtsov UkraineUkraine Ukraine 95th overall
147 Jean-Patrick Nazon FranceFrance France winner: 3rd stage , 137th overall
148 Nicolas Portal FranceFrance France 72nd overall
149 Mark Scanlon IrelandIreland Ireland 89th overall

Rabobank (NED)

  • Established: 1996 - Manager:?
No. Surname nationality Remarks
151 Levi Leipheimer United StatesUnited States United States Ninth overall
152 Michael Boogerd NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 74th overall
153 Bram de Groot NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 111th overall
154 Erik Dekker NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 133rd overall
155 Karsten Kroon NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 115th overall
156 Marc Lotz NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 90th overall
157 Grischa Niermann GermanyGermany Germany 65th overall
158 Michael Rasmussen DenmarkDenmark Denmark Most combative driver: 14th & 16th stage , 14th overall
159 Marc Wauters BelgiumBelgium Belgium 112th overall (FRA)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
161 Bradley McGee AustraliaAustralia Australia Surrender due to back pain on the 5th stage
162 Sandy Casar FranceFrance France Most combative driver: 6th stage , 16th overall
163 Bathing Cooke AustraliaAustralia Australia 139th overall
164 Carlos Da Cruz SpainSpain Spain 85th overall
165 Bernhard Eisel AustriaAustria Austria 131st overall ranking
166 Frédéric Guesdon FranceFrance France 129th overall
167 Christophe Mengin FranceFrance France 84th overall
168 Jean-Cyril Robin FranceFrance France 47th overall
169 Matthew Wilson AustraliaAustralia Australia 144th overall

Saeco (ITA)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
171 Gilberto Simoni ItalyItaly Italy Most combative driver: 18th stage as well as the 20th stage , but no red number on the back due to the end of the tour, 17th overall
172 Stefano Casagrande ItalyItaly Italy Exclusion due to ongoing doping process on the rest day after the 8th stage
173 Mirko Celestino ItalyItaly Italy Task during the 10th stage
174 Salvatore Commesso ItalyItaly Italy 124th overall
175 Gerrit Glomser AustriaAustria Austria Task during the 13th stage
176 David Loosli SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 105th overall
177 Jörg Ludewig GermanyGermany Germany 55th overall
178 Yevgeny Petrov RussiaRussia Russia 38th overall
179 Marius Sabaliauskas Lithuania 1989Lithuania Lithuania 42nd overall

Lotto Domo (BEL)

  • Established: 2003 - Manager:?
No. Surname nationality Remarks
181 Robbie McEwen AustraliaAustralia Australia winner: 2nd & 9th stage , Yellow jersey: Stage 4 , Green jersey: 4th - 6th , 9th - 20th stage , winning the points classification , 122. overall
182 Christophe Brandt BelgiumBelgium Belgium Exclusion before the 7th stage due to positive doping test
183 Nick Gates AustraliaAustralia Australia Disqualification: Time limit exceeded after falling on the 1st stage
184 Thierry Marichal BelgiumBelgium Belgium Most combative driver: 8th stage , 101st overall
185 Axel Merckx BelgiumBelgium Belgium 21st overall
186 Koos Moerenhout NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 100th overall
187 Wim Vansevenant BelgiumBelgium Belgium 140th overall
188 Rik Verbrugghe BelgiumBelgium Belgium 43rd overall
189 Aart Vierhouten NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Disqualification: Time limit exceeded on the 16th stage

Domina Vacanze (ITA)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
191 Mario Cipollini ItalyItaly Italy Abandonment after the 5th stage due to inflammation in the leg
192 Gian Matteo Fagnini ItalyItaly Italy Surrendered during the 2nd stage due to a fall
193 Massimo Giunti ItalyItaly Italy Task during the 17th stage
194 Sergio Marinangeli ItalyItaly Italy Mission: not the 13th stage begun
195 Massimiliano Mori ItalyItaly Italy 121st overall
196 Michele Scarponi ItalyItaly Italy 32nd overall
197 Francesco Secchiari ItalyItaly Italy 143rd overall
198 Filippo Simeoni ItalyItaly Italy 118th overall
199 Paolo Valoti ItalyItaly Italy Task during the 15th stage

RAGT Semences - MG Rover (FRA)

No. Surname nationality Remarks
201 Christophe Rinero FranceFrance France 92nd overall
202 Guillaume Auger FranceFrance France 136th overall
203 Pierre Bourquenoud SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 130th overall
204 Gilles Bouvard FranceFrance France 128th overall
205 Sylvain Calzati FranceFrance France 71st overall
206 Frédéric Finot FranceFrance France Most combative driver: 13th stage , 145th overall
207 Christophe Laurent FranceFrance France 134th overall
208 Ludovic Martin FranceFrance France 119th overall
209 Eddy Seigneur FranceFrance France Disqualification: Time limit exceeded on the 4th stage