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Uli Stein (born December 26, 1946 in Hanover , actually Ulrich Steinfurth ) is a German cartoonist and photographer .


Stein was born the son of a civil servant and a housewife. He attended the Goethe School in Hanover. After completing his two-year military service, he moved to West Berlin and studied German, geography and biology for teaching at the Free University of Berlin . During his studies he worked as a freelance photographer and copywriter for newspapers. Shortly before his exams, he broke off his studies with the aim of becoming a full-time journalist. He then worked as a journalist, including six years for Saarländischer Rundfunk , until he concentrated entirely on drawing in the late 1970s . In the meantime, Uli Stein is very active as a photographer and has published several illustrated books. In 2018 Uli Stein founded the Uli Stein Foundation for Animals in Need. He lives in Wedemark near Hanover.

Cartoons and books

The artist often recreates everyday situations with drawn animal figures such as mice, cats, dogs, penguins and pigs, alienated. The cartoons have been collected and thematically compiled as books by Lappan Verlag since 1984 , as well as internationally in Italy , France , Finland , Korea , the USA , the Netherlands and China . According to Uli Stein's agency Catprint Media, these books have sold over 11 million times so far. More than 180 million postcards with Uli Stein's drawings were sold. On the basis of his drawings, more than 1500 licensed articles have been created to date . For example, in 2001 the computer game Uli Stein Kuss-Shooter was published by Ravensburger Interactive Media . In the Moorhuhn -like game with graphics by Uli Stein, based on the fairy tale Frog Prince , frogs have to be kissed. Since 1998 the cartoonist has worked weekly for the television newspaper TV Hören undsehen .

During the Bundestag election campaign in 2005 , numerous cartoons went through the Internet, which dealt with the work of the then governing parties SPD and Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen .


Several exhibitions were created by Uli Stein. The exhibition “Wow, Wau” showed dog cartoons by Stein together with extraordinary real dog portraits that the dog lover and photo artist photographed himself. The Uli Stein exhibition "Have fun!" Shows over 160 framed pictures, idea sketches and drawings by the artist. The protagonists are mice, pigs, penguins, cats, dogs, frogs and vultures as well as Erwin and Martha, Stein's cucumber-nosed human couple with fried egg eyes. The exhibitions were u. a. shown in Meppen , Goslar , Wilhelmshaven and Lichtenwalde .

Postage stamps

In 2005 special postage stamps in honor of Uli Stein with motifs of the famous "Stein-Maus" were issued in Switzerland . The Swiss Post was referring to the fact that some of Stein's first cartoons appeared in a Swiss music magazine in the mid-1970s. The German Post AG announced for Stamp born 2013 in three of the Uli Stein motifs created from the series "For the sport." The output of the three postage stamps in the values of 58 + 27, 90 + 40 and 145 + 55 Euro cents was done with the initial issue date May 2, 2013. The designs for the motive of Uli Stein come from Werner Hans Schmidt in Frankfurt am Main.



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