Ultramega OK

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Ultramega OK
Soundgarden studio album


October 31, 1988


Spring 1988

Label (s) SST records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Heavy metal , hard rock , grunge

Title (number)


running time


  • Chris Cornell - vocals, rhythm guitar with Mood for Trouble , He Didn't and Smokestack Lightning , bass with Circle of Power


Drew Canulette, Soundgarden

Studio (s)

Seattle , Washington , Newberg , Oregon

Screaming Life / Fopp
Ultramega OK Louder Than Love
Single release
May 1989 Flower

Ultramega OK is the debut album by the US band Soundgarden . It was released in October 1988 by SST Records . At the Grammy Awards 1990 the album was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance .

History of origin

After the two extended plays Screaming Life and Fopp , later released together as Screaming Life / Fopp by Sub Pop , the actual debut appeared in autumn 1988 after the band was able to sign a contract with SST Records. This offended some other interested larger labels. The album was recorded in Seattle and Newberg , Oregon in the spring of 1988 . Things didn't go smoothly with producer Drew Canulette because he wasn't familiar with the Seattle scene: “Material-wise we went through the process that we always do, but the producer wasn't used to the sound we wanted and didn 't know what was happening in Seattle. ”The band later said it was a mistake to leave the local area. The producer was suggested to them by SST because it was cheap. In terms of material, it could have been one of the best records the band had ever made.


Steve Huey from Allmusic awarded four out of five stars. "It may not be quite as complex or consistent as some of Soundgarden's later albums, but Ultramega OK is easily the best document of grunge's early, pre- Nirvana days."

Track list

  1. Flower (Cornell / Thayil) - 3:25
  2. All Your Lies (Cornell / Thayil / Yamamoto) - 3:51
  3. 665 (Cornell / Yamamoto) - 1:37
  4. Beyond the Wheel (Cornell) - 4:20
  5. 667 (Cornell / Yamamoto) - 0:56
  6. Mood for Trouble (Cornell) - 4:21
  7. Circle of Power (Thayil / Yamamoto) - 2:05
  8. He Didn't (Cameron / Cornell) - 2:47
  9. Smokestack Lightning (Howlin 'Wolf) - 5:07
  10. Nazi Driver (Cornell / Yamamoto) - 3:52
  11. Head Injury (Cornell) - 2:22
  12. Incessant Mace (Cornell / Thayil) - 6:22
  13. One Minute of Silence (Lennon) - 1:00

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