V party³

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V party³
Party leader Roland V. Wegner
vice-chairman Markus Streck, Elke Weihusen, Detlev Göpel
Treasurer Alexandra Munir-Muuss
founding April 30, 2016
Place of foundation Munich
Headquarters V-Party³ Federal Office
Hochfeldstrasse 4
86159 Augsburg
Number of members 1600 (as of June 30, 2019)
Proportion of women 62%
Website v-partei.de

The V-Party³ - Party for Change, Vegetarians and Vegans (short name: V-Party³) is a nationwide small party founded in 2016 , which deals in its program with the global relationships and effects of growth , consumption and eating behavior . The focus here is on environmental and climate protection, animal rights and consumer protection. With the motto “We love life”, the party wants to make it clear that it considers every living being worthy of protection. The diversity of the party's content should be symbolized by the "V to the power of 3". The party's main demand in the form of the “Agraragenda 2030” is the conversion to organic-vegan agriculture , which makes all forms of industrial keeping and slaughter of animals obsolete. The V-Party³ took part in an election for the first time with the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia on May 14, 2017 . In the 2017 federal election , the party ran in 12 federal states and received 64,130 votes (0.14%). The V-Party³ achieved its first election success in 2020 in the city ​​council election in Augsburg , where it won one of the 60 seats with 1.4 percent.


The party program was presented to the public for the first time on the day it was founded and essentially refers to the motto “We love life”. It was developed by its founding members and expanded as part of the federal party conference in Weimar 2017 and Bayreuth 2018.

Society, social affairs and education

The V-Party³ is committed to equal opportunities, social justice and equality. In terms of family policy, she would like to abolish the splitting of spouses and instead promote families with children or relatives in need of care more. She calls for the possibility of marriages for all citizens, regardless of gender, the right of adoption for all people (including singles or homosexual couples) and an end to discrimination against LGBTQI people.

With the unconditional basic income , the V-Party³ is striving for a radical reform of the social system.

The V-Party³ is calling for more democracy at the federal level with a referendum , since resolutions of the Bundestag often run counter to the wishes of the population, which can be seen in surveys. The rule of law in matters of animal welfare and animal rights is to be expanded.

The V-Party³ would like, among other things, new school subjects in the current education system. As a result, both a school subject “nutrition” without the influence of the German Nutrition Society (DGE), based solely on scientific knowledge, and the subject of animal and environmental protection in the curriculum are aimed at.

According to the party program, lobby associations and industry are not allowed to influence the schools. In addition, there should be a cookery training that can be completed without the use of animal products. A nutritional medicine lecture series is to be introduced in medical studies. A tuition fee should not be charged.

Tax Policy and Finance

According to the V-Party³ program, the fight against tax fraud must be given greater focus, which is possible through a standardized information exchange procedure with other countries. The measures of this tax policy should be reinforced by higher penalties. As long as there are still animal products, an end to discrimination in VAT is required. So z. B. Plant milk will also be taxed at 7% and tap or bottle water will be subject to the same percentage. The follow-up costs of natural consumption should also be embedded in the purchase prices and ecologically produced items should be affordable for every consumer (“organic for everyone”).

V-Party election poster 2018³

Environmental and energy policy

An irreversible exit from nuclear power is called for. In addition to the energy-saving measures already funded, a significantly faster and more sensible expansion of storage technology for renewable energies is required. German electricity providers are also to gradually reduce biogas plants and coal-fired power plants to a minimum, and the import of ecological electricity (e.g. NorGer project ) is to be allowed against the interests of domestic electricity providers. The import of nuclear power from neighboring countries is rejected.

Animal protection and animal rights policy

The V-Party³ calls for animal research- free research to be financially supported and for a general renunciation of research on animals. Consumers should be informed about animal-free products. Furthermore, the V-Party³ demands the abolition of zoos , breeding exhibitions, the production and importation of furs and the abolition of animal husbandry in circuses.

Hunting of animals should only take place in exceptional cases with the help of live traps and hunting as a hobby should be abolished.

The V-Partei³ turns fundamentally opposed to factory farming , the associated transport of animals and tethering .

Agricultural and consumer protection policy

In the context of consumer protection, information on food packaging should be made more understandable. Unhealthy foods should no longer be advertised. The party would like to counteract the pollution and drugs in drinking water through an agricultural reform. According to the party program, as part of an agricultural agenda, agriculture should only grow organic food by 2030. For this purpose, subsidies for small and medium-sized family farms are required, support for the conversion of larger farms, the promotion of agroecology and permaculture as well as the abolition of livestock farming and genetic manipulation in agriculture.

Domestic and economic policy

Domestically, the party program includes demands on education, family and transport policy. The V-Party³ invokes the constitutional equality of the sexes. The framework conditions of educational institutions should be adapted to the requirements of the world of work and qualifications obtained should be equivalent across Germany. Therefore the V-Party³ demands the abolition of the prohibition of cooperation in the Basic Law.

In transport policy, the party advocates free local public transport and electromobility .

Sustainable production is required in economic policy. Post growth and qualitative growth are intended to replace quantitative growth. A tax reform is also intended to promote this change by taking into account environmental costs, energy and raw material consumption and sustainability.

Foreign policy

Non-violent conflict resolution and the elimination of the causes of flight are the central points of the V party³. Arms exports are to be banned, nuclear missiles and foreign armed forces are to be withdrawn from Germany and the armed forces' combat operations are to be ended. The V-Party³ is in favor of the dissolution of NATO and instead for a European defensive alliance and calls for the UN to be financially strengthened .

The V-Party3 calls on the EU to promote educational measures in crisis countries and to fight corruption. International trade should be based on the maxim of human rights and speculation on food, the sale of land should be stopped and living wages and occupational safety regulations should be regulated, the exploitation of the crisis countries should end.

The party calls for a uniform European refugee policy. An upper limit is rejected by the V-Party³. Refugee policy should not be linked to financial commitments. The party sees a further goal of the refugee policy in the quickest possible integration of those seeking help, compulsory language courses and a quick integration into the labor market. Projects and associations that campaign for integration should receive more government funding. The asylum procedure should be accelerated. Afterwards, according to the V-Party³, the persons entitled to asylum should be distributed to the EU countries in a controlled manner, taking into account individual family reunification. EU states that accept fewer or no refugees should have to make compensation payments.

The V-Party³ is committed to maintaining and expanding the European Union as a community of values. She calls for the EU Parliament to be strengthened and for Parliament to have the right of initiative . Furthermore, the influence of lobbyists on the EU Parliament is to be restricted and EU MPs are to be forbidden from taking on positions in economic areas that were directly affected by their work during the mandate.

Health policy

In health policy, the party focuses on equal opportunities and disease prevention. To this end, she demands, among other things, freedom for movement in working life and flexible working hours. The V-Party³ wants compulsory insurance for all citizens in the statutory health insurance. The contribution should be a fixed percentage on all types of income. Health advice, also with the help of full-fledged plant-based nutritional strategies, as well as proven effective naturopathic therapy methods and dentures are to be included in their service catalog. The aim is to abolish billing by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. The municipal hospitals are to be largely retained. Private providers should orient the treatment of patients exclusively to the wellbeing of the people and not to economic considerations. By setting up nursing chambers, the nursing professions are to form a health-political interest group. The party would like the use of nursing staff by external service providers to be restricted to necessary cases (e.g. acute staff shortages). The basic training in nursing should be generalized, with a subsequent specialization this must be better paid and allowed to take on responsibility.

In 2017, following an application by Barbara Rütting , the legalization of medical support for dying was included in the party program. The V-Party³ is thus the first party in Germany to address death fasting in a party program.

The abolition of the time change should also benefit health. The V-Party³ wants to enforce the decriminalization of cannabis for private consumption, taking into account the protection of minors.

Electoral participation

Button for the city council election in Augsburg 2020

The first election participation was the state election in North Rhine-Westphalia on May 14, 2017. There the V-Party³ received 0.1% of the second vote. The V-Party³ took part in the 2017 federal election in twelve federal states and received 64,130 votes (0.1%). In the state elections in Bavaria in 2018 , she received 34,221 votes, which corresponds to 0.3% of all valid total votes. In 2018 in Hesse there were 3,561 votes, and thus 0.1% of the valid second votes.

A planned participation in the 2019 European elections failed because the federal electoral committee rejected the list. The assembly meeting violated democratic principles in several respects, as u. a. several applications were not considered at the assembly meeting. After carrying out a member survey, the V party decided to make an election recommendation in favor of the animal welfare party .

In the Bremen election in 2019 , the party won 0.29% with 4,277 votes.

The party also took part in the 2019 elections for the Brandenburg State Parliament and received 0.2% of the second vote.

In the city ​​council election in Augsburg on March 15, 2020, the V-Party³ received 1.4 percent of the vote and won a seat.


Within less than a year, over 1000 members of the V-Party³ had joined, including some celebrities and former politicians from other parties, such as Barbara Rütting , who was a member of the Bavarian State Parliament for Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen from 2003 to 2008. Even Isabella Hübner (actress) and Alexander Wiedl (Director) joined the V-Partei³ in January 2017th At the end of May 2017, Axel Ritt joined the V-Party³, the guitarist of Grave Digger .


Federal Party Congress

The highest decision-making body of the party is the federal party congress.

The federal party congress is responsible for the election of the federal executive committee, the federal arbitration tribunal, the federal auditors and the candidates on the federal list for the election of the members of the European Parliament. It decides on the statutes, the rules of procedure and the party program. It includes the delegates of the regional associations and the members of the federal executive board.

Federal Executive

The federal executive board, elected for two years, consists of 22 members: the two federal chairmen, the three deputies, the federal manager, the federal secretary general, the federal treasurer and his deputies, the federal press spokeswoman and her deputy, the federal secretary and her deputy and eight assessors. The federal chairmen, their deputies and the federal managing director form the federal executive board.

The 22 members of the federal executive committee (elected on June 30, 2019)
function Surname
Federal Chairman Roland Wegner
Deputy Federal Chairwoman Elke Weihusen, Markus Streck, Detlev Göpel
Deputy General Secretary Jennifer Seim
Treasurer Alexandra Munir Muuss
Deputy Treasurer Eric Dembowsky
Press officer Eva-Marie Springer
Deputy press officer Thomas Majchrzak
Secretary Jörg Frohberger
Deputy Secretary Marcel Frey
Assessor Anne-Rose Funk, Bernhard Kramp, Katharina Kruppa, Isabelle Tesche, Simon Thomas, Irmgard Riedle, Heike Rudolf


The V-Party³ has regional associations in all 16 federal states:

National associations of the V party³
Regional association State Chairman since Result of the last election of the state parliament Result of the 2017 federal election
Baden-Württemberg Baden-Württemberg vacant 2016 (not yet started) 0.1%
Bavaria Bavaria Michaela Fischer

Magdalena Lippa

2016 0.3% ( 2018 ) 0.2%
Berlin Berlin Detlev Göpel 2016 (not yet started) 0.1%
Brandenburg Brandenburg Jürgen Hauschke 2017 0.2% ( 2019 ) no participation
Bremen Bremen Barbara Kleibor 2017 0.29% ( 2019 ) 0.3%
Hamburg Hamburg vacant 2018 (not yet started) 0.2%
Hesse Hesse Alexandra Munir-Muuss 2018 0.1% ( 2018 ) 0.2%
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Sven Langenberg 2017 (not yet started) no participation
North Rhine-Westphalia North Rhine-Westphalia Katharina Kruppa

Simon Thomas

2016 0.1% ( 2017 ) 0.1%
Lower Saxony Lower Saxony vacant 2017 0.1% ( 2017 ) 0.1%
Rhineland-Palatinate Rhineland-Palatinate Joachim of Harlessem 2016 (not yet started) 0.3%
Saarland Saarland Manfred Stalter 2017 (not yet started) 0.3%
Saxony Saxony Franko Loddo 2017 (not yet started) 0.2%
Saxony-Anhalt Saxony-Anhalt Manuela Wichmann 2017 (not yet started) no participation
Schleswig-Holstein Schleswig-Holstein vacant 2016 (not yet started) no participation
Thuringia Thuringia Saskia will 2017 (not yet started) 0.3%

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