VfL Gevelsberg

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VfL Gevelsberg
VfL Gevelsberg Logo.png
Full name Association for physical exercises
Gevelsberg eV
place Gevelsberg
Founded 1908
Dissolved December 2004
Club colors green white
Stadion Stefansbachtal Stadium
Top league Oberliga Westfalen
successes Promotion to the
Oberliga Westfalen in 1991
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The VfL Gevelsberg was a football club from Gevelsberg . The first team played between 1978 and 1982 and from 1991 to 1995 in the third-class Oberliga Westfalen .


In 1908 the FC 1908 Gevelsberg was founded. This joined the TuS Gevelsberg in July 1920 , which was created on June 14, 1920 through the merger of the SuS 09 Gevelsberg , TV Gevelsberg and TV Eintracht Gevelsberg associations . As early as 1923, the footballers became an independent club again as SuS 1908 Gevelsberg as a result of the clean divorce . Ten years later, the SuS merged in 1908 with the SC 1918 Lichtenplatz Gevelsberg and the TuS Westfalia 1913 Gevelsberg to form Sportring 33 Gevelsberg . This association dissolved again in 1945. Instead, a large club was founded with VfL Vorwärts Gevelsberg , which combined all gymnastics and sports clubs that existed before 1945. In 1948 the word "Forward" was deleted from the club name.


Sportring and VfL

Under the name Sportring Gevelsberg , the club qualified in 1935 for the Tschammer Cup , the forerunner of today's DFB Cup . There the team lost 5-2 to VfR Köln 04 rrh in the first round . In the 1952/53 season , the footballers gave a year-long guest appearance in the regional league , then the highest amateur league in Westphalia. After that, VfL played for years at the local level, until 1965 when they were promoted to the fourth-class national league. In 1976 the Gevelsberger made it into the association league and qualified two years later as third in group 2 for the newly introduced Oberliga Westfalen. After a third place in the 1979/80 season, the team played long for the championship a year later , but was only second behind 1. FC Paderborn at the end of the season . In 1982 he was relegated to the association league.

In 1991, the Gevelsberg team returned to the league as champions of the Bundesliga season 2. Under the leadership of the cashier Lothar Kötting, the club should be led into paid football. The team established itself in the middle of the table, but missed qualification for the Regionalliga West / Southwest in the 1993/94 season . Due to errors in the bookkeeping , the association was facing ruin. In the 1994/95 season , the team was excluded after three non-appearances. On June 1, 1995, the football department became independent under the name VfL Gevelsberg Football . In terms of sport, VfL was passed into the national league in the 1995/96 season and disappeared from higher-class football. After four relegations in a row, VfL arrived in the district league B in 1998 and returned to the district league A in 2003.

Successor club FSV Gevelsberg

In December 2004 the club merged with the football department of Sportfreunde Eintracht Gevelsberg to form today's FSV Gevelsberg . The FSV Gevelsberg started in the district league A and in 2007 made it to the district league.


The handball players of VfL Vorwärts Gevelsberg secured the unofficial championship of the British occupation zone with an 11: 7 against the Flensburg TB in 1946 . The final of the unofficial interzone championship was lost against the champions of the American zone, SV Waldhof 07 , with 4:11. The department then switched to Sportfreunde Gevelsberg , which in 1975 became Sportfreunde Eintracht Gevelsberg . This currently forms the gaming community HSG Gevelsberg / Silschede .


Individual evidence

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