Elections 1888

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The list of elections in 1888 includes parliamentary elections, presidential elections, referendums, and other national and sub-national votes that were held worldwide in 1888.

The suffrage at that time typically did not correspond to the suffrage principles of direct, secret and equal voting. Typically at the time, only small parts of the population were entitled to vote, and women were not entitled to vote .


country date Link to election 1888 Link to the last election comment
NorwayNorway Norway ? General election in Norway 1888 1885
German EmpireThe German Imperium German Empire 5th-7th Nov State elections in Lippe 1884
United States 38United States United States Nov 6 Presidential election in the United States 1888 1884
United States 38United States United States Nov 6 Election to the United States House of Representatives in 1888 1886