Forest bedstraw

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Forest bedstraw
Galium sylvaticum (Forest Bedstraw) IMG 3333.JPG

Forest bedstraw ( Galium sylvaticum )

Euasterids I
Order : Enzianartige (Gentianales)
Family : Red family (Rubiaceae)
Genre : Bedstraws ( Galium )
Type : Forest bedstraw
Scientific name
Galium sylvaticum

The ordinary forest bedstraw ( Galium sylvaticum ) is a plant type from the family of the redness plants (Rubiaceae).


The forest bedstraw is a deciduous, perennial herbaceous plant that reaches stature heights between 50 and 100 (rarely up to 140) centimeters. The upright, loosely branched, smooth, round stem sometimes has four indistinct longitudinal ribs. The middle, elongated-lanceolate leaves are arranged in groups of six to eight in a whorl . The bluish frosted, gray-green underneath leaves are about 2 to 4 cm long and 3 to 10 mm wide.

The paniculate entire inflorescence is loose, spread out and branched. The flowering time of the small, white flowers extends from July to August. The flower buds are often nodding. The fissure fruits are smooth and small-spherical.

The number of chromosomes is 2n = 22.


The forest bedstraw is a rhizome - geophyte or hemicryptophyte . It is rooted up to 50 centimeters deep.

In terms of flower biology, they are pre-male, "nectar-bearing disc flowers". Pollinators are flies and beetles ; spontaneous self-pollination is also possible.

It is spread by ants and probably also random spread by deer , etc. They are probably also washed out by the rain as rolled crops. The fruit ripens from August to October.

Forest bedstraw ( Galium sylvaticum )


The forest bedstraw is widespread in southern and central Europe as far as Turkey and can be found from the lowlands to the middle mountain ranges. Its area is limited to Europe. In the Allgäu Alps in Bavaria on the Zirmgrat it rises to an altitude of 1289 meters. It grows in deciduous forests and is a character species of the Galio-Carpinetum from the Carpinion Association. But it also occurs in societies of the Potentillo-Quercion petraeae association, the Prunetalia and Origanetalia orders and in the Carici-Fagetum and Aceri-Tilietum.


One can distinguish the following subspecies:

  • Galium sylvaticum subsp. laconicum (Boiss. & Heldr.) Stoj. & Stef. (Syn .: Galium laconicum Boiss. & Heldr. ): It occurs in Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.
  • Galium sylvaticum subsp. sylvaticum .


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