Walther Hillert

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Walther Hillert (born February 6, 1893 in Posen ; † August 13, 1960 ibid.) Was a German officer , most recently major general in World War II .


Hillert occurred on 11 October 1912 as a cadet in the Infantry Regiment "Graf Dönhoff" (7 Ostpreußisches) no. 44 and was on 28 July 1912 to August 2, 1914 at the military school after Neisse commanded. On August 2, he went to the Western Front as a lieutenant (since May 20, 1914) when the First World War broke out . Hillert was wounded several times during the war and was promoted to lieutenant on June 18, 1917 . As such, he was accepted into the Reichswehr at the end of the war, where he was promoted to captain on March 1, 1925 and major on February 1, 1933 .

At the beginning of the Second World War he was a lieutenant colonel in the army weapons office . During the war he served as an armaments inspector and was promoted to major general on January 1, 1942 . In this function he was in charge of Defense Replacement Inspection III in Berlin until the surrender on May 8, 1945.

After the end of the war Hillert was from May 8, 1945 to May 17, 1948 in British captivity .

In later professional life he became director of the Anker factory in Hanover .

During his military career he received various awards. In the First World War he was awarded the Iron Cross II and I Class and the Wound Badge in silver, and in the Second World War with the War Merit Cross II and I Class with Swords.

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