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Self-Portrait (1851)
At the railroad (1868)
The drowned woman (1867)

Wassili Grigorjewitsch Perow ( Russian Василий Григорьевич Перов , scientific transliteration Vasilij Grigor'evič Perov ; * December 21, 1833 jul. / January 2,  1834 greg. In Tobolsk ; † 29 May jul. / 10 June  1882 greg. In Moscow ) was a Russian painter and one of the founding members of the Peredwischniki .


Perow was born in Tobolsk as the illegitimate son of the local public prosecutor, Gregor Gustav Friedrich Freiherr von Krüdener . Although Perov's parents married shortly after his birth, he was unable to inherit his father's name or title and was registered under the family name of his godfather, Vasiliev. He later changed his family name to Perow - a nickname given to him by his teacher, who taught him calligraphy as a child ( Russian перо [Pero] means pen ).

After he had finished his training in Arsamas , he was sent to the art school of Alexander Stupine , also in Arsamas. In 1853 he was admitted to the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture , where he was taught by well-known artists of the time. In 1856 he was honored with an award from the Academy of Arts of the Russian government for the sketch of a boy's head (головы мальчика). Further awards from the Academy followed: In the following years he received awards for the painting "Приезд станового на следствие" in 1858 and two years later for the paintings "Сцена на могиле" ( scene at the grave ) and "Сын дедечка," Сын дедечка, and "Сын дедечка,". He received another award in 1861 for the painting "Проповедь в селе" ( Sermon in the Village ).

In 1862 Vasily Perow went to Germany and later to Paris after receiving a scholarship abroad . During this time he created several paintings depicting scenes from everyday life in Europe, such as "Продавец статуэток" ( The Statuette Seller), "Савояр" ( The Savoyard ) and "Музыканты и зеваки" ( musicians and spectators ).

In 1865 Perov returned to Moscow. In the following years his main works were created here. These were the paintings "Очередная у фонтана" ( The snake at the well ), "Монастырская трапеза" ( The meal in the monastery ), "Проводы покойника" ( The last journey ), "Тройк" ( The Troika ) and many others.

In 1866 he was awarded the rank of scientist and from 1871 he took over a professorship at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture . Andrei Petrovich Ryabushkin was to become one of his most famous students . During this time, against the background of the situation at the university, he became one of the co-founders of the Peredwischniki.

He died of tuberculosis in 1882 and was first buried in the Danilov Monastery , then reburied in the cemetery of the Donskoy Monastery in the 1950s .

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