Westermann's monthly books

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Westermann's monthly books
Westermann's illustrated German monthly notebooks for the entire intellectual life of the present.  Nro.  October 1, 1856
description German cultural magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Architecture, design, art, fiction, music, theater
language German
publishing company Georg Westermann Verlag (Germany)
Headquarters Braunschweig ,
from 1872 the editorial office was in Berlin
First edition October 1856
attitude February 1987
founder George Westermann
Frequency of publication per month
Article archive archive.org
(several years)
ISSN (print)
Title page of issue 443, from August 1893
Book cover from 1861

Westermanns Monatshefte was a German cultural magazine which, from October 1856, first illustrated German monthly books under the title Westermann's. A family book for the entire intellectual life of the present was published by George Westermann in Braunschweig . The last edition was published in February 1987.

The first editor of the monthly magazines was Adolf Glaser , who held this post with interruptions until 1907 and was formative for the literary rank of the magazine. In the first year, the monthly issues had 3,000 subscribers , the peak was reached in 1960 with 105,000. From October 1944 to 1948 the publication was discontinued due to the war.


The monthly notebooks were aimed at the bourgeoisie ; they contained preprints of various contemporary literary artistic works, such as poetic realism . The authors who were printed in them included e. For example: Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach , Theodor Fontane , Friedrich Hebbel , Wilhelm Raabe and Theodor Storm .

When designing the content of his monthly magazines, Westermann initially oriented himself on English-language models such as Harper's New Monthly Magazine. One third of the content consisted of general cultural topics, geographical or scientific articles and short stories. From 1878 the focus was shifted further towards fiction .

Over the course of time, the magazine changed titles and subtitles several times; it was not until October 1906 that it received the one that remained until the last issue: Westermannsmonthshefte .

The magazine Schünemann's monthly magazine German sheets for art and life , published by Schünemann Verlag in Bremen between 1927 and 1929 , was taken over. In 1943 the magazine Der Türmer went out. Monthly for Mind and Spirit in Westermann's monthly books .

In the 1950s and 1960s Westermannsmonthshefte were a cultural magazine published on art paper, equipped with black and white and color prints of the highest quality, devoted to architecture, design, literature, music and theater. Scientific topics such as the development of aircraft engines from propeller to rocket engines also played a role.

In 1981 the magazine was awarded the Lower Saxony Prize for Journalism.

A change in the readership and reading habits, coupled with financial problems for the publisher, which was increasingly concentrating on the school book business, finally led to the fact that the monthly magazine was sold in 1985 and its publication was finally discontinued in 1987.


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