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Wiebke Lorenz (born February 16, 1972 in Düsseldorf ) is a German journalist and writer .


After graduating from high school, Lorenz completed her master's degree at Trier University in 1996 in the subjects of German , English and media studies . She wrote her first novel while she was still a student.

After an internship in magazines, she was editor for the women's magazines Brigitte Young Miss , Für Sie und Petra . From 1998 to 1999 she studied at the International Film School in Cologne (script class).

Since 2001 she has lived as a freelance author in Hamburg , writes for various magazines, including Petra , Cosmopolitan , Maxi , Für Sie , and works for television stations and book publishers.

Together with her sister Frauke Scheunemann , Wiebke Lorenz writes other women's literature under the collective pseudonym Anne Hertz . Together with the Austrian TV presenter Christian Clerici , she had a column in the magazine Cosmopolitan , which resulted in the book He says & She says .

2016 was published under the pseudonym Charlotte Lucas at Lübbe her novel Your perfect year .

Lorenz addressed in various media that she suffered from an obsessive-compulsive disorder and that she also processed this creatively.



Under the pseudonym Charlotte Lucas

Television production

  • Which man is telling the truth? TV movie commissioned by Sat.1 , 2001

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