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ifs international film school cologne
founding 2000
place Cologne
state North Rhine-WestphaliaNorth Rhine-Westphalia North Rhine-Westphalia
country GermanyGermany Germany
Managing directors Nadja Radojevic ,
Rainer Weiland
Employee 74
including professors 17th

The ifs internationale filmschule köln gGmbH is a training and further education institution for film and media professionals in Cologne . At the beginning of 2000, on the initiative of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, it was taken from the models of the Schreibschule Köln e. V. and the Filmschule NRW e. V. emerged. It has been cooperating with the TH Köln since 2004 via a franchise agreement , which also awards the state - recognized Bachelor 's and Master' s degrees.

Since May 2020 ifs has had a new managing director, Nadja Radojevic. She will succeed Simone Stewens, who will retire at the end of April after 18 years of successful management.

The ifs internationale filmschule köln is a subsidiary of the Filmstiftung NRW. In addition, the ifs is financed by private sponsors and tuition fees.

In the film university ranking of the news magazine Focus (issue 22/2006), the ifs, together with the KHM and the dffb , took second place with 76 out of 100 points after the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy (78 points). Evaluation criteria were (in addition to the reputation of the university) the student support situation, the technical equipment and the number of prizes won.

The school in Cologne is a member of the international film school association CILECT . Gender and diversity are central aspects of the film school's mission statement. The ifs has been a signatory to the Diversity Charter since March 2020.



At the ifs there is the bachelor's degree in film with a focus on film directing , creative production , editing in image and sound, VFX and animation, camera, script and, since 2016, production design. A maximum of ten participants are admitted for each of these key areas, who are selected through a two-stage application process. In addition to well-known filmmakers, other industry representatives also attend the selection committee. In contrast to similar film schools, this offer only takes place every two years. The course lasts three years and is designed as a full-time program. In 2016 the tuition fees amounted to 3,500 euros per calendar year.

From 2003 the postgraduate degree in sound design was offered, which took place every two years. In 2009 it gave way to the second bachelor's degree "Editing Image and Sound", in which the advanced training courses in sound design and film editing are integrated . This three-year basic training for image and sound assembly imparts the understanding and craft of storytelling at the level of assembly and sound design.

After many years of cooperation with the camera course at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences under the direction of Adolf Winkelmann , the third bachelor course was introduced at the ifs in the 2010 winter semester with the new "Camera" course.

Since 2015, the individual bachelor's degree programs have been offered as major subjects in the bachelor’s degree in film.

Since the 2013/2014 winter semester, a two-year master’s course with a focus on serial storytelling (script development for series) has been offered, for example with Dominik Graf or Frank Spotnitz . A two-year master’s degree with a focus on digital narratives has been offered since the 2016 winter semester . The new, part-time master’s degree in 3D Animation for Film and Games has been offered since October 2018 . The master’s degree is a part-time cooperation course between the Cologne Game Lab of the TH Köln and the ifs international film school in Cologne. The language of instruction in the master’s programs is English.

In 2019 ifs started a new training program for TV entertainment producers. The practice-oriented and industry-specific qualification offer is intended to counter the acute shortage of skilled workers in the industry with an offer that is specially tailored to the needs of non-fictional entertainment production. Initiated and funded by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, the program was developed at the ifs in close cooperation with the Entertainment Master Class and NRW producers. Further cooperation partners are the Film and Media Association of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Alliance of German Producers for Film and Television eV

further education

For professional filmmakers or film enthusiasts from related fields, the ifs offers a wide range of training opportunities - full-time programs lasting several months, extra-occupational offers or workshops lasting several days.

The training courses are:

  • Costume design
  • Editing / sound
  • play
  • VFX and animation
  • camera
  • Masterclass Non-Fiction
  • script
  • Workshops in advanced training camps (spring and autumn)



  • André Bendocchi-Alves : Editing picture & sound
  • Gundolf S. Freyermuth : Associate Professor Comparative Media Studies
  • Joachim Friedmann : MA Serial Storytelling
  • Dominik Graf : feature film directing (listed as an honorary professorship, but no longer active as a professor since 2011)
  • Philip Gröning : Staging fictional narratives in audiovisual media
  • Uli Hanisch: production design
  • Dr. Ulrike Hanstein: Film studies with a focus on the theory, history and aesthetics of film
  • Nanna Heidenreich : Theory - MA Digital Narratives
  • Barbara Hennings : Editing picture & sound
  • Peter Hermann: Producing creatively
  • Mika Kallwass: Script / Dramaturgy
  • Uwe Kersken : Masterclass Non-Fiction
  • Rolf Mütze : Digital Film Arts / VFX and Animation
  • Ruth Olshan : Documentary Narratives in Audiovisual Media
  • Jutta Pohlmann: camera - feature film
  • Hajo Schomerus : Non-fictional and fictional camera
  • David Slama : Cinematography - feature film
  • Lena Thiele : Art & Design - MA Digital Narratives

Former professors are the film scholar Oksana Bulgakowa (2004–2008), the documentary filmmaker Dietmar Hochmuth (2004–2005), the feature film director Hans Steinbichler , the screenwriter Peter Henning (2004–2009), the cinematographer Stephanie Hardt (2010–2017), the director Nicole Weegmann (2015-2017), the film scholar Lisa Gotto (2010-2018) and producer Gerd Haag (2011-2018).

Visiting lecturers

The institution regularly integrates well-known German (e.g. Hans-Christian Schmid , Judith Kaufmann , Hermine Huntgeburth , Sherry Hormann ) and international (e.g. Keith Johnstone , Keith Cunningham , MK Lewis , David Bordwell , Peter Przygodda ( † 2011), Roberto Perpignani , Philip Parker , Rachel O'Flanagan, Mary Kate O'Flanagan) industry representatives. These full-day seminars take place on the block and go e.g. T. over several days.

Lecturers such as Klaus Maria Brandauer , Tom Schlesinger , Frank Griebe or Seymour Cassel lead workshops at regular intervals , to which participants who do not study at the ifs can also register. For these too, qualifications often have to be proven and they are subject to a fee.


ifs encounter

Regular evening events with renowned guests take place under the title ifs encounter . These are usually connected with film screenings and subsequent panel and audience discussions. Guests such as Mike Figgis , Dani Levy , Angelina Maccarone , Krzysztof Zanussi , Terry Ackland-Snow , Andreas Dresen , Maximilian Schell , Gerd Ruge , István Szabó and Lalo Schifrin were invited.

Film productions (only final projects)

Filmography (only final projects)
Movie title year Participating filmmakers
Women parking lot 2004 Christopher Becker
Transfamily , documentary 2005 Sabine Bernardi
Golden boy 2005 Stephan Schiffers and Janna Velber
Midsummer 2005 Christopher Becker and Ewa Borowski
Coma 2005 Johannes F. Sievert and Christoph Herkenrath
Cupid Fati 2005 Dennis Todorović and Melanie Andernach
Poldi's angel 2006 Ewa Borowski , producer, Christoph Mathieu , screenplay and Tina von Traben , director
border 2008 Christine Wernke , Christiane Hütter and Stefan Fendrich
The ground under your feet 2007 Katharina Tilmmanns, Martin Schwitzner and Mathias Krämer
Beento 2007 Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye, Florian Wimmer and Florian Müßener
A case for KBBG 2007 Daniel Rakete Siegel , Christoph Mathieu, Nima Kianzad and Katrin Hohendahl
Robin 2007 Hanno Olderdissen , Clemente Fernandez-Gil and Katrin Hohendahl
The suspicion 2007 Felix Hassenfratz and Mathias Casanova
absolution 2007 Markus Sehr and Moritz Grenzebach
Gisberta 2009 Lisa Violetta Gaß and Roshanak Khodabakhsh
Warrior stick 2009 Joseph Lippok, Nathan Raimann and Tobias Leveringhaus
Soltau (film) 2009 Peter Hümmeler
Zeche ist nich - Seven Views of the Ruhr Area 2010 2010 Coproduction with the Academy of Media Arts Cologne
True beginning 2012 Miguel Müller and Nicole Schmeier
Silent world 2012 Thorsten Kleinschmidt and Christopher Tworuschka
Niklas in love 2012 Marian-Reinhart Grönwoldt
Black Heart 2012 Tamer Jandali and Daniel Stark
Well Sdorovye! Babushka! 2012 Viktoria Gurtovaj and Nicole Zurek
Kiss me deeper 2012 Eleni Katsoni and Benno Aselmeyer
Who I am happy 2012 Maria Pavlidou, Ingrid Kaltenegger and Fiona Brands
Having cancer 2012 Anne Maschlanka, Alexander Daus, Elisabeth Feltes and Lucas Seeberger
We are me 2012 Alexandra Brodski
Ararat 2012 Engin Kundag, Jonas Thoma
The coffin maker's swing 2012 Elmár Imánov , Eva Blondiau, Driss Azhari and Bastian Bothe
Look elsewhere 2012 Charlotte Ann-Marie Rolfes and Anna Knolle
Playtime 2012 Coproduction with UCLA
Asami 2014 Daniel Farkas and Yana Höhnerbach
Cheeky Overdose 2014 Saskia Schwarz, Philipp Stendebach
Return to my mother's garden 2014 Felipe Calvo-Montero, ZsaZsa von Ammon, Nora Housseyn and Yana Höhnerbach
A fairy tale from an impossible place in the universe 2014 Markus Wulf, Su Jin Song, Janosch Götze and Holger Buff
Rebecca 2014 Anna Kohlschütter, Maureen Adlawan, Bine Jankowski and Gesa Hille
nirvana 2014 Simon Dolensky, Fabian Klein and Leonard Lokai
Lucky child 2014 Maria Titova, ZsaZsa from Ammon and Marcel Kalwa
Brothers 2014 Jarek Duda, Daniel Schüller, Felix Tonnat and Esther Geisen
alter ego 2014 Levin Hübner, Fabian Wallenfels, Martina Di Lorenzo and Jascha Viehl
The rifle 2014 Florian Ross, Finn Stroeks and Annik Kreuels, Florian Pley and Felix Meyer
Beat Beat Heart 2016 Luise Brinkmann , Olivia Charamsa, Mathis Hanspach and Maren Unterburger
The Lonely Court (script only) 2016 Christian Zipfel, Daniela Pennekamp, ​​Nino Peschel and Nathalie Bender
The panther 2016 Lydia-Maria Emrich, Darius Cernota, Felix Engstfeld, Anne Schultze-Lindemann and Tom Küspert
Grumbles 2016 Sonja Keßler, Jenny Lorenz, Christophe Poulles, Sandra Schröder and Leo Hoffmann
construction 2016 Helena Lucas, Robert Schäfer, Björn Weber, Marco Heibach and Dimitri Makrinic
Lost in Hope 2016 Aline Hochscheid, Dennis Colquhoun, Kyrill Ahlvers and Zoltan Madjarevic
Toni and the strong men 2016 Maximilian Lippemeier, Nils Lehmbruch, Levin Hübner, Martina Di Lorenzo, Holger Buff and Jakob Jendryka
transit 2016 Oliver Meinborn, Nikolaas Meinshausen, Thorsten Gruna, Jonas Heicks, Leo Hoffmann, Marco Heibach, Peter Anlauf
Paul 2016 Peter approach
Update required 2016 Jo Müller
baba nam kebap (script only) 2016 Julia Angerer-Zimth
Watchful 2016 Felix Engstfeld
Puppeteer, good night. (script only) 2016 Lisa Sophie Fechner
The Empty Room (script only) 2016 Jonas Heicks
Symptom human (script only) 2016 Maximilian Lippemeier
Driven Hunt (Script Only) 2016 Sandra Schröder
The City of Lion (script only) 2016 Sergei Waldrat
North month 2016 Sven Wartig
Alyosha and the Fire (script only) 2018 Julia character
Bulldog 2018 André Szardenings, Katja Tauber, Antonia Marleen Klein
Circus Mortalis (script only) 2018 Nina Meyer
The Scream 2018 Bünyamin Musullu, Carly Hoffmann, Jannis Danikas, Friederike Dörffler
The color 2018 Cem Karayakas, Jelena Annabelle Lützel, Manuel Zilleken, Christian Godau, Maria Hartig, Nils Nißing, Jan Zinn
A box of nothing (script only) 2018 Tim Knaff
It was nice 2018 Naomi Kantor, Marius Kimmel, Mathis Hanspach, Antonia-Marleen Klein, Bohdan Adam Wozniak
Flocke & Proschinski 2018 Lutz Rödig, Ruben Schlembach, Christopher Albrodt, Sabine Sina Stephan, Jeannine Compère, Jessica Kaczmarek, Esra Tamkoc
horst 2018 Samuel Pleitner, Lisa Sophie Fechner, Michael Lucas Hein, Christian Godau, Jessica Kaczmarek, Holger Buff, Sarah Rehberg
It's warmer in the dark 2018 Daniel Kunkel, Jelena Annabelle Lützel, David Kade, Leo Decristoforo, Alexandra Vahlkamp, ​​Mikko Beste
Klaus driving 2018 Raphaela Selge, Manuel Zilleken, Jakob Gehrmann, Maximilian Rodegra, Mikko Beste
LABEL ME 2018 Kai Kreuser, Sonja Keßler, Jenny Lorenz-Kreindl, Malte Hafner, Tabea Hannapel
LOSA - Lack of Sexual Attraction (script only) 2018 Phil Leasure
Mono No Aware 2018 Till Kleinau, Katja Tauber, Jakob Erdelen, Maximilian Rodegra
Mononoke (script only) 2018 Jakob Erdelen
Rocket Roaches 2018 Mick Mahler, Cedric Engels, Sabine Stephan, Jeannine Compère, Friedrike Dörffler, Franziska Hoh
Red, red, red 2018 Jade Li, Corinne Le Hong, Maximilian Bohl, Thorsten Schönrade, Vlad Litvak, Mikko Beste, Markus Schütz
Checkmate 2018 Christoph Willerscheidt, Michael Lucas Hein, Leo Decristoforo, Friederike Dörffler, Jessica Kaczmarek
Special (script only) 2018 Jelena Annabelle Lützel
Stone Faces 2018 Tim Henning, Nina Meyer, Tabea Hannappel
Ugly Easy (script only) 2018 Zoe Ristow
Birds over Warsaw (script only) 2018 Ruben Schlembach
War scene 2018 Mikko best


Important award for ifs films (chronological, from 2007) The graduation film “Amor Fati” will be shown at the Int. Short film festival Dresden honored with the audience award. The film received an honorable mention at the Locarno Film Festival 2006. In 2007 the film “Wut” won the Adolf Grimme Prize and the Golden Camera. The film was also shown at the 2007 International Festival of Audiovisual Programs, where "Wut" was awarded the FIPA D'Argent Special Price. The film was awarded the Gold World Medal Prize at the New York Festival. The graduation film "Robin" won the First Steps Award 2008 and in 2008 won the Studio Hamburg Young Talent Award in the category "Best Director". In addition, he was honored in 2008 with the Babelsberg Media Prize - “Best Graduate Feature Film” and at the Dresden Film Festival with the Golden Rider in the “Short Feature Film” category. The graduation film “Der Verdacht” received the German Short Film Award in gold as “Best Feature Film” in 2008. It also received the Panther Award for “Best Production of a German Film” at the Munich International Film Schools Festival. In 2008 "Der Verdacht" won the Studio Hamburg Young Talent Award for "Best Screenplay". In addition, the graduation film wins the BMW Short Film Prize, 2nd jury prize at the Landshut Short Film Festival 2008. The film "10 Kinds of Rain" wins the Phoenix Award 2009. The graduation film "Heimspiel" wins the 2010 German Film Critics' Short Film Prize at the Dresden Film Festival. In addition, the film won the "Grand Prix" for the best film at the Open St. Petersburg Student Film Festival 2010. The film “Anduni - Fremde Heimat”, for which ifs graduate Karin Kaci wrote the screenplay, won the 2010 Max Ophüls Award. The film “The moon is a beautiful place” will be shown at the Int. Festival of the Munich Film Schools awarded the “Best Documentary - Arri Prize 2011”. The script for the graduation film “Gisberta” will be presented at the Int. Awarded Student Film Festival in Tel Aviv. In 2010, the film also won first place as “Best German Film” at the interfilm Berlin short film festival. The graduation film “The Coffin Maker's Swing” wins the 2012 Student Academy Award in the “Best Foreign Film” category (bronze). In addition, the film will be the winner of the International Student Festival Sehsuchten 2012 in the category “Best film under 30 minutes” and at the GULDF FILM FESTIVAL as “Best Film” in the category “Int. Short Films “2013. At the Open St. Petersburg Student Film Festival he wins directly in two categories:“ Competition Main Award…. In 2019 the film took 2nd place in the CILECT PRIZE in the “Fiction” category. The graduation film "Alter Egon" won the 2013 audience award at the Max Ophüls Prize. He received 1st place at the DEKALOG Film Prize 2014. The camerawoman Martina DiLorenzo was honored for her work in 2015 with the German camera prize “Young Talent Prize”. The graduation film "A fairy tale from an impossible place in the universe" is nominated for the 2014 German Short Film Award. The graduation film “Nirwana” won the 2014 Cologne Design Prize jury award. The graduation film "The Lonely Court" wins 2nd place at the award ceremony of the Cologne Design Prize 2016. The 30-minute graduation film The lonely farm (2016) occupied in the international festival La Cabina for Medium Movies in Valencia in the same year the winning places in the categories "Best Film" and "Best Music". At the Cologne Design Prize / Toby E. Rodes Award 2018, the graduation film “Rocket Roaches” was awarded 2nd prize. The documentary "DNA Cooking", which was created as part of the non-fiction masterclass, won 1st prize in the treatment competition for documentaries / documentaries organized by Bavarian Radio in 2018. The graduation film "Label Me" is the winner of the Max Ophüls Prize 2019 in the category "Best medium-length film".

Well-known graduates

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Individual evidence

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