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Wilhelm Fabricius (born January 9, 1861 in Darmstadt , † October 24, 1920 ) was a German historian .


Fabricius was a son of the financial politician and statistician August Karl Fabricius and the younger brother of the ancient historian Ernst Fabricius . He obtained his Abitur at a grammar school in Strasbourg . In 1888 he received his doctorate from the Kaiser Wilhelm University of Strasbourg with a dissertation on the Hellenistic geographer Strabon for Dr. phil. Due to a paralysis caused by a disease of the spinal cord , Fabricius was always in need of care.

His most important publications include four main maps (in 14 sheets) of the Historical Atlas of the Rhine Province and five explanatory volumes to this atlas, which he developed from 1894 on behalf of the Gesellschaft für Rheinische Geschichtskunde . It is considered to be the first, methodologically pioneering map series on the history of the Rhineland that meets historical-critical requirements. When choosing the area to be worked on, he did not orientate himself on the large number of territories of the old empire , but on the relatively young administrative unit of the Rhine Province , within which a Rhenish feeling of belonging could develop. Fabricius's work formed the basis for the hand atlas published by Hermann Aubin and Josef Niessen in 1926 , which was reissued in an expanded version in 1950 as the historical hand atlas of the German states on the Rhine . The Historical Atlas of the Rhineland builds on these older depictions.

At the end of 1918 the Prussian minister of education awarded him the title of professor. Most recently, Fabricius was chairman of the executive committee of the Reich Limes Commission (RLK).

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