Volodino (Kaliningrad, Chernyakhovsk)

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Lost place
Wolodino / Harpenthal (Harpental)
Federal district Northwest Russia
Oblast Kaliningrad
Rajon Chernyakhovsk
Earlier names Harpenthal (until 1938),
Harpental (1938–1946)
Time zone UTC + 2
Geographical location
Coordinates 54 ° 33 '  N , 21 ° 44'  E Coordinates: 54 ° 33 '10 "  N , 21 ° 44' 10"  E
Volodino (Kaliningrad, Chernyakhovsk) (European Russia)
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Location in the western part of Russia
Volodino (Kaliningrad, Chernyakhovsk) (Kaliningrad Oblast)
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Location in Kaliningrad Oblast

Wolodino ( Russian Володино , German  Harpenthal , 1938-1946 Harpental ) was a place in what is now the Russian Oblast Kaliningrad ( Koenigsberg area (Prussia) ) within the present Swobodnenskoje selskoje posselenije (rural community Swoboda (Jänischken ) in Jänichen District , 1938-1946 ) Chernyakhovsk ( Insterburg district ).

Geographical location

Wolodino was ten kilometers south of the district town of Tschernjachowsk (Insterburg) and one kilometer north of Swoboda (Jänischken , 1938-1946 Jänichen) on the Russian trunk road A 197 (section of the former German Reichsstrasse 139 ). Until the beginning of the 2000s, Ugrjumowo -Nowoje (Matheningken , 1938–1946 Mattenau) was the next station on the Toruń – Chernyachovsk (Thorn – Insterburg) railway .


The until 1938 Harpen valley , then to 1946 Harpental called Gutsdorf in 1874 in the newly built office district Didlacken (1938-1946 Dittlacken , now Russian: Telemanowo) incorporated and belonged to the district Insterburg in Administrative district Gumbinnen (Gusev) of the Prussian province of East Prussia . In 1910 there were 34 inhabitants in the village.

On September 30, 1928, Harpenthal was incorporated into Didlacken (1938–1946 Dittlacken , today Russian: Telmanowo) without the Grubert estate , while the Grubert estate was incorporated into Jänischken (1938–1946 Jänichen , Russian: Swoboda) in the Jänischken district.

As a result of the Second World War , Harpental was assigned to northern East Prussia in the Soviet Union in 1945 and was given the Russian name "Wolodino". In 1947 the place was incorporated into the Swobodenski selski soviet (Dorfsovjet Swoboda) (Jänischken , 1938-1946 Jänichen ), which belonged to the Tschernjachowsk Rajon ( Insterburg district ). The local office was only settled in the first years after 1945 and was then given up.


The predominantly Protestant population of Harpenthal until 1945 was parish in the parish of the church Didlacken (1938-1946 Dittlacken , today Russian: Telemachowo), which belonged to the church district Insterburg (Tschernjachowsk) within the church province of East Prussia of the church of the Old Prussian Union .

Individual evidence

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