Seljony Bor (Kaliningrad)

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Seljony Bor
Karalene (Luisenberg)

Зелёный Бор
Federal district Northwest Russia
Oblast Kaliningrad
Rajon Chernyakhovsk
Earlier names Wolfshagen (until 1811),
Karalene (1811–1938),
Luisenberg (1938–1946)
population 87 inhabitants
(as of Oct. 14, 2010)
Time zone UTC + 2
Telephone code (+7) 40141
Post Code 238161
License Plate 39, 91
OKATO 27 239 816 009
Geographical location
Coordinates 54 ° 39 '  N , 21 ° 59'  E Coordinates: 54 ° 39 '10 "  N , 21 ° 58' 36"  E
Seljony Bor (Kaliningrad) (European Russia)
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Location in the western part of Russia
Seljony Bor (Kaliningrad) (Kaliningrad Oblast)
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Location in Kaliningrad Oblast

Seljony Bor ( Russian Зелёный Бор , German  Karalene , 1938-1945 Luisenberg , Lithuanian Karalienė ) is a place in the Russian Oblast of Kaliningrad . It belongs to the local government unit Stadtkreis Tschernjachowsk in chernyakhovsky district .

Geographical location

Seljony Bor is located eleven kilometers east of the town of Chernyakhovsk (Insterburg) and can be reached from there in a branch from the side road via Lesnoje (Dwarischken / Eichenberg) to Gussew (Gumbinnen) . The nearest train station is Chernyakhovsk.


In the small village called Wolfshagen until 1811, an educational institution was established in 1811 on the initiative of Queen Luise , from which a teachers' college later grew. In memory of the queen, the place was called from November 30th 1811 "Karalene" ( Lithuanian Karalienė = "Queen"). In 1815 the place counted 60 inhabitants and in 1874 in the District (no longer in existence today) Kummetschen in district Insterburg in Administrative district Gumbinnen in the Prussian province of East Prussia incorporated.

In 1895 there were already 128 people living in Karalene. In 1903/07 the Karalene Manor was incorporated into the Kummetschen Manor, and only a few years later - on April 1, 1918 - the Kummetschen Manor was converted into the new rural municipality of Karalene. The Kummetschen district was not renamed "Karalene district" on August 26, 1931. The village had a total of 406 inhabitants in 1933 and - after the incorporation of the Nausseden community (no longer existing today) on April 1, 1939 - already 520. Shortly before that - on June 3, 1938 with official confirmation of July 16, 1938 - Karalene had been renamed "Luisenberg" for political and ideological reasons (in defense of the Lithuanian language), as was the administrative district on September 13, 1938.

As a result of the war, the place came to the Soviet Union with northern East Prussia in 1945 . In 1947 he received the Russian name "Seljony Bor" and was assigned to the village soviet Krasnopoljanski selski soviet in the Chernyakhovsk district . From 2008 to 2015 Seljony Bor belonged to the rural municipality of Svobodnenskoje selskoje posselenije and since then to the urban district of Chernyakhovsk.

Karalene / Luisenberg district (1931–1945)

When the Kummetschen district was renamed "Karalene District" on August 26, 1931, eight rural communities were incorporated:

Surname Change of name
Russian name Remarks
until 1928: Tarpupönen
Eichenberg ,
until 1928: Dwarischken
Jessen Solovyovo
Karalene Luisenberg Seljony Bor
Lenkeitschen Angerbrück Aistowo
Nausseden 1939 incorporated into Luisenberg
Powehlischken Luck of hope 1939 incorporated into Eichenberg
Tarpupp Angermoor

On January 1, 1945, only the six municipalities of Angerbrück, Angermoor, Bergfriede, Eichenberg, Jessen and Luisenberg belonged to the district now renamed "Luisenberg".

Karalene Teachers' College (1811-1924)

See the Insterburg teacher training college section

Until 1924 there was a teachers' college in Karalene, which grew out of an educational institution especially for the Prussian-Lithuanian population. During the time of its existence, 2,365 educators were trained by 86 directors and teachers, among them Ewald Rudolf Stier .


Karalene resp. Luisenberg belonged with its almost exclusively Protestant population to the parish of the Luther Church in Insterburg (today Russian: Tschernjachowsk) and thus also to the parish of Insterburg in the church province of East Prussia of the Church of the Old Prussian Union . This affiliation also remained when a free-standing church was built in the building complex of the teachers' college and on November 17, 1859 a separate pastor's office was set up there. The pastors were also leaders of the seminary. The teacher training college was closed in 1924, and with it the local church also went out, and the mother church in Insterburg was again the central place of worship.

Today Seljony Bor is in the catchment area of ​​the newly established Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chernyakhovsk (Insterburg) with the parish seat for the church region of Chernyakhovsk in the provost of Kaliningrad of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of European Russia .


Between 1859 and 1924, the pastors officiated at the seminary chapel in Karalene as leading clergy:

  • Friedrich Gustav Adolf Rudat, 1860–1868
  • Heinrich Gustav Julius Risch, from 1868
  • RE Triebel, from 1872
  • Wilhelm August Rohde, 1882–1886
  • Gottlieb Julius Romeiks, from 1886
  • Walther Tomuschat, from 1901
  • GE Wilhelm E. Ewerding, from 1904
  • Hermann Frohneberg, from 1910

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