Wilsberg: Miss election

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Episode in the Wilsberg series
Original title Miss election
Country of production Germany
original language German
Cologne Film on behalf of ZDF
length 89 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
classification Episode 19 ( List )
First broadcast February 17, 2007 on ZDF
Director Walter Weber
script Stefan Rogall
production Anton Moho
music Fabian Römer
camera Volker Tittel
cut Claudia Wolscht

Beauty contest (in the opening pageant ) is the 19th episode of the television film series Wilsberg . It was first broadcast on February 17, 2007 on ZDF . Directed by Walter Weber , the screenplay was written by Stefan Rogall .


The election for “Miss Münsterland” will take place in Münster, the winner of which will be awarded a model contract. Ms. Penzler, who organizes the beauty contest , hired Alex Holtkamp as an assistant and, on her advice, Georg Wilsberg as the safety officer. Wilsberg surprises Harry Jonas, who runs a private detective agency, when he gains entry to the dressing room of the Miss contestants. It turns out that the participant Rebecca Horstmar, the daughter of the mayor of Münster, was observed by Harry Jonas. Shortly afterwards, Harry Jonas is found stabbed to death in his apartment.

The incidents in the run-up to the Miss election are increasing. Ines collapses after drinking ecstasy- infused water. Margo, who had previously met Ekki on dates, burns her face after using Rebecca's powder compact, which has been acidified. Wilsberg is thrown out by Ms. Penzler as a safety officer, she hires two well-trained athletes. This gives Wilsberg more time to clarify the death of Harry Jonas and the incidents during the Miss election.

Georg Wilsberg finds out from the Department for Traffic Affairs that Rebecca's car in the Steinfurt district caused an accident in which a woman was pushed off the street and then hit and missed. According to the unanimous statements of Rebecca's parents, however, the car had been stolen from Wolbeck at that time and only reappeared damaged later. However, Wilsberg is puzzled when he learns from the contracted workshop that the allegedly stolen car was not short-circuited.

Rebecca has been receiving anonymous SMS threats for some time . Moritz Althoff, her new friend, who wants to manage her modeling career, cannot explain this text message, but promises her to take care of her. Katharina Horstmar, Rebecca's mother, who had already got involved with Rebecca's ex-boyfriend Rainer, also comes closer to Moritz.

Wilsberg discovers a photo of Laura Preminger, the accident victim, who has been in a wheelchair since then, that shows Laura before her accident with Moritz Althoff. According to Laura's testimony, the man is her ex-fiancé Sven, from whom she separated after the accident because she considered his assertions that he still loved her to be false and did not want to be pitied. Wilsberg then realizes that Sven has a strong motive for murdering Rebecca: He wants to take revenge for the accident allegedly caused by Rebecca, which destroyed Laura's life and their common plans. Sven had asked Harry Jonas to investigate, but when he tried to extort money with his findings, he had to die.

At the finale of the beauty pageant, Sven sneaks under the stage and places a remote detonator bomb there. He is surprised by Ekki, but can overwhelm him. Then he sits down in the audience to destroy Rebecca's life at the height of the evening. However, Wilsberg can surprise him and take the remote detonator away from him. Sven then rushes onto the stage and puts a knife to Rebecca's throat. Only in the face of the threatened attack on her daughter is Katharina Horstmar at Wilsberg's insistence willing to admit that it was not Rebecca who caused the accident, but herself, with Rebecca's car on the way home from Rebecca's ex-boyfriend Rainer. Fearing that the news of this affair would mean the end of her husband's political career, she left the seriously injured Laura at the scene of the accident and then faked the theft of the accident vehicle with her husband.

Commissioner Anna Springer arrests both Sven Althoff and Katharina Horstmar. Rebecca moves out of her father's house. Laura's recovery is making progress - in the credits she is already walking with crutches.


The film was shot in Münster , Cologne and individual scenes in Bonn (exterior shots of the mayor's villa). Shooting began on July 4, 2006 and ended on August 3, 2006. In Münster, on Frauenstrasse, at the Solder antiquarian bookshop, where the Wilsberg antiquarian bookshop is located in the film. The recordings of the Miss election were made in and at the castle theater . The scenes in which Wilsberg and Moritz and later Moritz and Rebecca meet in the café were filmed at the Kreativkai in the port of Münster .

The premiere party for the Miss-Election took place in Münster in the Kreuzviertel in Café Wilsberg , which was closed in October 2007.

On June 21, 2007 the episode was released along with the 20th episode The Anabaptists by Polar Film on DVD with FSK-12 approval. In addition to the two main films, the DVD contains a making-of and a portrait of the city of Münster as bonus material.

Although Holger Stolz is featured in the credits of the episode, he was unable to take part in the filming due to a time overlap with another project and therefore cannot be seen in the episode.

The Running Gag Bielefeld refers in this episode to the statement of one of the participants in the Miss contest, who says: "With the eyeliner you look like a raccoon, Miss Bielefeld."

While Wilsberg is working as a security guard at the rehearsals for the Miss election, he reads the novel Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde , which, like the Miss election, deals with the morality of sensuality and aestheticism. Alex Holtkamp comments on this with a quote from George Orwell : "At fifty everyone has the face they deserve."

In this episode, Ekki drives a dark Maserati Biturbo 430 for the first time instead of the red Alfa Romeo 156 shown in the opening credits . The lettering Massimati is attached to the rear . The trident on the radiator grille, which is characteristic of the brand, has not been changed.


Audience ratings

6.24 million viewers saw the episode Miss-Wahl when it was first broadcast on ZDF , which corresponded to a market share of 19.5% and meant the day's victory in prime time . From the target group of 14 to 49 year olds, 1.33 million viewers tuned in, which made up a market share of 11.2%.


In the opinion of TV Spielfilm , the film is a "good choice: entertaining, weird, opaque". The case is “pretty tricky”, confirms Tilmann P. Gangloff from the editorial team at kino.de, who also praises the “good actors”. The lexicon of international films judges: "(TV) detective thriller a long-lasting series that seeks evil in the" better circles "of the university city of Münster."

Manuel Weis from quotenmeter.de is of the opinion that the Miss election was "optically" successful and the presentation of the disputes between the participants was "realistic". Vijessna Ferkic 's performance was particularly emphasized. “In the first 20 minutes, the thriller could have picked up a little more speed”, but then turns out to be “exciting” so that it “knows how to captivate”. Weis gave an overall rating of 85% for the subsequent Miss election .

Miss-Wahl is "not one of the most convincing cases of the grumpy Munster detective" and "there have been more charming, also more exciting films from the» Wilsberg «series", but "this time it is worth sticking to the end", because Walter Weber "succeeds in an atmospherically strong finale in which it is left to the final song of the pop singer Katie Melua to answer the question about the long sought motive of the perpetrator:" It's only pain "".

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