Volga boatman

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German title Volga boatman
Original title I battellieri del Volga
Country of production Italy
original language Italian
Publishing year 1959
length 102/93
(Italian / German) minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Viktor Tourjansky
Mandatory Italian co-director:
Arnaldo Genoino
script Damiano Damiani
Viktor Tourjansky district
music Norbert Glanzberg
camera Mario Montuori
cut Roberto Cinquini

Volgaschiffer (original title: I battellieri del Volga ) is an Italian-German-French feature film from 1959 by Viktor Tourjansky . Damiano Damiani and Salka Viertel wrote the script together with the director. The leading roles are cast with John Derek , Elsa Martinelli and Dawn Addams . In the Federal Republic of Germany, the work was first seen on the screen on March 26, 1959.


Saratov towards the end of the 19th century. Soon after the church wedding with the beautiful Irina, Rittmeister Alexej Orloff had to find out that his wife was seduced by her brother-in-law, General Gorew, a few weeks ago in a champagne frenzy and is now pregnant by him. The next day the Rittmeister assaulted his superior. As a result, however, Alexei was demoted to a common soldier by the military tribunal, thrown into prison and soon afterwards exiled to a penal colony in Siberia . Irina manages to get to her husband in the camp and persuade him to flee together. When they were executed, the young woman was fatally injured by a bullet from the pursuers. Alexei, however, manages to advance to the Volga. There he befriends three good-natured Volga cronies, especially the "professor". Mascha, the daughter of the innkeeper Ossyp, is well disposed towards the newcomer and makes him look good. But this suddenly changes when Gorev's captors spread the news that Alexej was an escaped convict who had killed his wife and fled with her jewelry. However, it doesn't take long for Masha to expose the rumor as defamation. Ossyp, on the other hand, believes the captors and reveals Alexei's hiding place to them. After a fierce fight in which Gorev is killed, the exile manages to escape across the mighty river together with his new love. Alexei has now been rehabilitated by the Minister of War after he learned the truth about her husband from Olga Gorew. So nothing stands in the way of their new happiness.


The lexicon of international film draws the following conclusion: “In the picturesque style of old-fashioned adventure novels, the ordeal of an upright Tsarist officer is told [...]. Varied cinema entertainment . "


Program for the film: The new film program , published by the publisher of the same name, Mannheim, number 4343

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