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Adolf Ulrich (born July 18, 1860 in Hanover ; † December 23, 1889 there ) was a German historian and the first full-time archivist in Hanover.


Adolf was the son of a businessman and brother of Oskar Ulrich . After attending Lyceum II in Hanover, Adolf Ulrich studied history and philology at the University of Göttingen and received his doctorate on May 22, 1882 with a thesis on the Roman King Wilhelm of Holland .

After completing his studies, Adolf Ulrich conducted research on the history of the city of Hanover , including the time of the Reformation, and published his results in the journal of the Historical Association for Lower Saxony and in the daily press .

In 1884 Ulrich moved to Cologne and worked there as a volunteer in the Cologne City Archives until 1885 .

Eventually Adolf Ulrich moved back to his hometown and on February 1, 1888 initially only worked as an unskilled worker in the Hanover City Archives , but a year later on May 1, 1889, he became a permanent employee . His task was to transfer the holdings of both the archive and the Hanover City Library to the newly built Kestner Museum .

After his unexpected death at the age of only 29, Otto Juergens (1862–1929) became archive manager on February 7, 1890.


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