Alexander Alexandrovich Bestuschew

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Alexander Alexandrovich Bestuschew

Alexander Alexandrowitsch Bestuschew ( Russian Александр Александрович Бестужев , also Bestuschew-Marlinski ; * 23 October July / 3 November  1797 greg. In Saint Petersburg ; † 7 June jul. / 19 June  1837 greg. At Adler ) was a Russian Writer.


Bestuschew was born as the fifth child of five sons and three daughters of the officer , writer and educator Alexander Fedosejewitsch Bestuschew and a merchant's daughter. His writing career began in 1817 with the first publications of his poems , translations and historical essays in leading Russian journals . In the 1820s he published an article under the pseudonym "A. Marlinskij" for the first time , which can be traced back to the Marli pavilion in Peterhof , near which he started his first post. 1823-1825 he published the almanac "Polarstern" with Kondrati Rylejew . As a member of the Decembrist Association (Northern Federation) he was sentenced to 15 years of forced labor on August 22, 1826 , which he was supposed to do in Yakutsk . At the family's request, he was transferred to the Caucasus for military service and arrived in Tbilisi in mid-August 1829 . He was the only Decembrist of the writing guild who was allowed to continue his career. Bestushev took part in numerous military operations during the Caucasus War, received several awards and died on June 7, 1837 in a battle near Adler ( Black Sea coast ). He left behind a work that was extremely popular among Russian readers of its time ( poetry , prose , reviews ) and temporarily eclipsed the popularity of Alexander Pushkin . His works on the Caucasus, especially Ammalat-Bek (1831), established a style of its own, which became known in Russia in the 1830s under the catchphrase "Marlinism" and which also influenced the works of Michail Lermontow and Lev Tolstoy .

Works translated into German (selection)


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